The Electric Garage Opener

The Electric Garage Opener

Every garage owner who has equipped his garage door with an electric drive knows to appreciate its advantages. You already start with the comfort of not having to get out of the car on arrival. At the push of a button on the remote control, the door opens and, just like the exit, it can be locked out of the garage. Especially in bad weather and rain this is a big advantage. But an electric garage opener also facilitates handling. People with physical disabilities, but also temporary handicapped persons, can benefit especially if they do not have to open the garage door by hand.

But there is another advantage of the electric garage opener, which usually goes completely unnoticed. Such an electric drive is equipped with an electronic self-monitoring. This ensures that the door is opened with even force. If obstacles or a blockage in the opening mechanism occur, the drive switches off automatically. When opening by hand, many garage owners would try to overcome this obstacle with even greater effort. However, this would cause further damage to the gate.

How is an electric garage opener built?

The center of such a garage door drive consists of a geared motor in the housing, which is mounted below the garage ceiling. This attachment must be very conscientious, because it must transmit all tensile forces of the door and the weight of the door drive. The motor drives a chain or belt drive connected to the top edge of the door. This attachment point is also equipped with a pulling mechanism that releases all mechanical locks of the gate from their traps during the opening process. On the other hand, this means that an electrically driven gate may not be completed. The construction of the garage door drive makes it impossible to pry open.

The garage door drive is connected via a 230 V supply cable and can be equipped with a push button in the garage via a low-voltage line. The same key function can be installed outside the garage via a key switch.
Almost all garage door operators are self-learning. When commissioning for the first time, its integrated electronics regulate the tractive force of the motor drive and program the limit switches. The same applies to the supplied remote controls, which are automatically logged on to the control panel when first used.

Can any garage door opener be used on any door?

There are many manufacturers offering garage door openers. Some of them make garage doors at the same time and their catalogs already list the right combination. They differ only in the comfort features of the drive such as several remote controls, status display or switching the garage lighting.
Garage door openers can also be easily retrofitted to existing garage doors. Here, however, the weight of the door determines which drive must be selected and installed.

Garage door openers can be mounted on all overhead doors and sectional doors, the door leaf of which is tilted or moved to the horizontal position below the garage ceiling when opening. Roller shutters, on the other hand, are equipped with a shutter drive specially designed for the door on the shaft. Swing gates can be electrified with garage door operators on an electrohydraulic basis.

What to look for when buying a garage door opener?

The basic difference in the products of different manufacturers is in the drive form. Garage openers with chain drive are less expensive. Their chains must, however, be regularly greased and tensioned. In almost all models, these chains are open, so they are highly exposed to contamination. Their running noise is perceived as more unpleasant than that of toothed belt drives.
Toothed belt drives are slightly more expensive. Their drive belts run on the inside in metal profiles and are therefore better protected. They self-tension and are virtually maintenance free with these features.

When buying a garage door opener, care should be taken to ensure that its geared motor is equipped with a soft start. This technique protects all moving parts and suspensions of the gate. Some door operators are equipped with an additional turbo-boost function.
Electric garage openers mean comfort and gentle operation.

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