The Influences of Digitalization: Roofers Must be able to Use Drones

The Influences of Digitalization are to be seen in various professions. Even people who have worked manually in the past need to bring technology knowledge today. The profession of roofer is no exception. More and more roofers are using drones to ease their jobs.

Their husbands know all too well that men are children in their hearts. Rarely have the Lords of Creation the opportunity to let off steam. For roofers it looks different: they can use an activity that is a hobby for many people at work: drones. For a few years, the flying objects have been cheaply available and inspire many people around the globe. Drones are used among other things to create breathtaking shots. Craftsmen have another purpose for the flying object.

Appraisal of a building with a drone

The refurbishment of a building in most cases starts with an inventory. The following reasons require the assessment of a building:

  • for energy consulting
  • in case of damage
  • for quotation
  • for order preparation
  • for maintenance
  • for planning of repairs

Roofers have compared to employees other industries, when they need to assess a roof. It is not easily accessible in contrast to house walls. The more complicated the roof geometry, the more difficult the task. Neighboring buildings, trees and other elements make the task even more difficult.

Previously, roofers had to help out with an aerial work platform and rope protection. In this case the evaluation takes time. It is faster by taking aerial photographs with an airplane. However, these are associated with high costs, which only a few people can carry.

A cost-effective alternative to aerial photography by plane can be realized with a drone. As shown in the video above, it can produce detailed photos from all sides.

Finding a rooftop drone license

Many roofers use old-fashioned methods. Some of them are unaware of the possibility to use drones for building assessment. Others consider the venture a bauble or too expensive. The fact is that the equipment simplifies and shortens the work of the roofer, which he and his customers benefit from.

Property owners have the advantage that a roofer with a drone can better judge their building. As a result, they receive a more specific offer, informing them of the costs of the venture. To find a competent roofer, homeowners can access company directories on the Internet, which contains various roofing from their environment. Next, they contact roofers and ask if they use drones for building assessment.

The Procedure of Building Appraisal by Drone

Drones are basically a quadrocopter, which was originally intended as a toy for children (and adults). He owns four engines, which have horizontal propellers. This gives the drone similar flight characteristics as a helicopter.

The drone's highlight is its high-resolution camera with wide-angle lens. When combined with the flying capabilities of the device, roofers can circle buildings and create detailed photos from each page. Depending on which drone is in use, there is an app that allows roofers to transfer the created photos directly to their smartphone or tablet. Some drones have a slot for an SD card to store their footage on.

A further development of the quadrocopter is the Octocopter, which has eight instead of four propellers. Through the four other propellers, this drone can carry a SLR camera. This device can produce very high-resolution photos that facilitate the assessment of the building.

Advantages for Roofers and Building Owners

Whether Quadro or Octocopter - the use of a drone helps the roofer and the property owner. Thanks to modern technology, the roofer saves time in assessing the structure. Without a drone, he would have to build a scaffold and inspect every corner of the house itself. The drone is ready to use in a few minutes and does not require scaffolding.

A drone does not replace a specialist, it is a supplementary measure. Experienced roofers have trained their trained eye for years. Therefore they have to analyze the pictures after the photo shoot. Depending on the size of the building, a drone creates several hundred photos, all of which must be assessed.

In addition to cost savings, the use of a drone also reduces the time it takes to make an offer. According to Karl-Heinz Schneider, president of the Central Association of Roofers, a drone can do in two to three hours, which roofers used to require two to three days.

Federal Ministry of Education promotes digitization

Currently, there are few roofers who do their work facilitate with drones. The Federal Ministry of Education wants to change this with a special program. The ministry has recognized that traditional craft trades are increasingly developing into IT-based activities. The profession of roofer is no exception.

According to the Federal Ministry of Education, these professions must already be promoted during the training. Between 2016 and 2019, the Federal Ministry of Education intends to make available 74 million euros in order to promote businesses. Eligible are the named drones, but also 3D printers and assistant robots.


Real estate owners should choose a roofer who can handle drones at the next rehabilitation of their roof. These devices reduce the time and expense that consumers benefit from.

Artikelbild: © Newnow / Shutterstock