The right chair for every location

The right chair for every location

The way we sit and exercise is directly affecting our effectiveness. Sitting down causes back pain, because a job is overstretched - we can not go into a proper sitting position anymore, the pain gets worse, the actual work suffers. There is a chair for every occasion, which satisfies almost all requirements and makes it possible to protect one's back at the same time, if one sits on it.

In this article we give you a small overview of the topic and other ideas

Modern yet interesting

They have been the standard of home furnishings for over 85 years, but have only gained popularity in the last 20 years. We are talking about the cantilever chair, the classic furnishing element in modern living rooms and bedrooms. These chairs usually consist of a single chair frame, without corresponding backrests and often also armrests. They are built with robust stainless steel and extremely elastic, yet very durable and give the room that special something. A very comfortable sitting is possible, always with a small suspension in the background, which adapts to the weight.

An insert is recommended especially in medium-sized kitchens with an integrated kitchenette and a small table, as the cantilever chair only takes up little space and does not seem too oversized. Meanwhile, there are also manufacturers who work with upholstery or fur as a cover - these models are suitable for the living room, near a fireplace or as a seat in the reading corner because of their rustic feel.

Rediscover Stool

Stool have always had their place of work in workshops and factories because they take up little space and still promise a stable hold. In the living room, they offer on the one hand as a seat on the windowsill, on the other hand, as a support for the legs from the chair. The extravagant way of doing this is to model it a little and change its color to make it a shelf. Due to its size, it can be placed anywhere, and can be used as a base for flowers, vases or even small paintings in addition to the sofa or TV cabinet.

We recommend stools with upholstered covers that can be placed on casters and set up anywhere. They can provide additional seating at a party, but are also popular with children and adolescents for their structure.

The Rocking Chair for All Occasions

Back in fashion is the classic, classic Rocking Chair from grandmother's time. It combines cosiness with a robust structure that provides sufficient support and safety. Meanwhile, there are far away from the classic way braided rocking chairs, which are still suitable for the conservatory or the living room, models of leather and in one piece. Ideal for home use are rustic-looking, yet modern and young rocking chairs, which have a sturdy armrest. You can set it up on your own carpet, at the angle of the penetrating sunshine, to observe nature from a different perspective. When buying should be paid attention to what material the rocking chairs are made. Models are not recommended as plastic, as they produce annoying noises depending on the surface, in contrast to the natural soundscape of the rocking chair made of wood.

Tips for buying

In addition to the above idea of ​​selected chairs, we will cover here shortly , what else to consider when buying.

  • Good, high-quality chairs today are ergonomically shaped and therefore gentle on the back.
  • Otherwise, you should choose models, especially for the study, which can be adjusted, especially with regard to the angle of inclination of the backrest Rule, is also easier to care for and changes the surface texture in time with natural leather. This change is partly unwanted, then should be resorted to fabric or synthetic leather.
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