The time is ripe for a spring cleaning!

The time is ripe for a spring cleaning!

When in the spring When the sun shines through the windows into the apartment, it too becomes visible: the dirt on the windows. When was the last time you cleaned them? At least now it is clear: It is high time for the spring cleaning - especially if it has been so short last year or even postponed. Cleaning, mucking out, making room: that's the motto of the spring cleaning. So roll up your sleeves and off you go.

Preparation is everything: intended for cleaning supplies, schedule and meals?

The monster spring cleaning can also be fun: a little preparation can make the project easier. A complete spring cleaning can last for several hours, if not days. Therefore, plenty of time should be scheduled for the cleaning action. Should the whole family get involved? Then a weekend is suitable. Do not forget task allocation. If everyone knows what he has to do, he can go to work with full vigor. Important is old clothes. The latest fashion fad should not be destroyed with dust and co. Comfort is here before appearance! Also, the clothes should fit snugly, because wide clothes have a high risk of accidents. Are all cleaning products available? Are there enough garbage bags in the house? Also the favorite music should not be missing. With the right rhythm, cleaning is much more fun. But with all the drudgery should also be thought of breaks. Food is important here: snacks and sweets are more likely when the stove is still put out of action by the cleaning agent. Sufficient drinks should also be available and the sparkling wine for the reward after work already cooled.

  1. enough time scheduled
  2. all cleaning supplies available: cloths, cloths, detergents, brooms, vacuum cleaners and so on
  3. Plaster clothes: old clothes , Headscarf, cleaning gloves
  4. Disposal container: garbage bags, cartons & Co
  5. Task distribution
  6. good mood Music
  7. Catering. Food and drinks for the breaks
  8. Reward after work

Systematic cleaning: even mucking out to be learned

If the day has come, systematic action should be taken. It is best to clean the apartment in a clockwise direction. One room follows the other. Also important are the cleaning sequences & quot; from top to bottom & ldquo; and & quot; back to front & ldquo ;. Nothing makes less sense than first cleaning the carpet and then spreading dust over it to spread new dirt on it. So first dust, then suck, sweep or wipe! Scented candles, fragrance lamps or essential oils help against the smell of cleaning. Open windows when cleaning the windows, let the fresh spring air into the apartment. Attention: Sunshine can cause streaks as the minerals in the sun-evaporated water remain on the disk!

When mucking out, everyone should critically ask if the item is really needed. What does not own a place in the apartment, usually has no meaning and is only pushed back and forth. Away with it. When was the last time you had this player in your hand? How happy is he? Is he still at the cutting edge of technology? Newspapers are part of the old paper, broken items definitely in the trash. Only what lovers value, may stay. Anyone who is unsure, can create a Ausmistkiste. What is still in the next spring cleaning is really no use. For clothes: What has not been worn for more than a year, can be thrown away confidently. Then the likelihood is very high that skirt, pants or sweaters will only catch moths in the next twelve months. Speaking of moths: do not forget to renew the mothballs in the wardrobe!

Insider tips Home remedies: it does not always have to be the expensive special cleaner.

During spring cleaning, places, corners and objects are put under the cleaning loupe, which is otherwise neglected all year round. The oven is not always cleaned, lime has deposited on so many corners in the bathroom and the silver cutlery is not cleaned every week. The disadvantage: Here, the dirt is often stubborn. But it does not always have to be the expensive special cleaner. Many home remedies do it too. Persistent limescale deposits can be removed, for example, with a little bit of citric acid or vinegar. Instead of the expensive furniture polish, a mixture of vinegar, oil and salt can lighten even light wood.
For dark wood, a mixture of oil and red wine is suitable. For the oven, the secret recipes are salt or baking soda: just sprinkle the dirty spots with one of the two and heat the oven to 50 degrees Celsius. After cooling, usually simply wiping with a cloth is sufficient. Wax stains can be removed with heat and cold. Cloth napkins or other cloths can be placed in the freezer, which makes the wax harder to harden and easier to peel off. On solid textiles or surfaces help blotter and the iron: Put the paper on the stain and use the iron over it. Due to the heat, the paper absorbs the wax. Alternatively, these tips also work with paper towels or undyed napkins. The silver cutlery can also be cleaned with salt: spoon, fork & Co in a bowl of hot salt water, add some Schnitzel aluminum foil and after a short time disappears the typical black discoloration. Toothpaste is also ideal for cleaning silver.

Spring cleaning for cars, garages & co

If you want to do the spring cleaning properly, you should not stop at the door! Also staircase, cellar or balcony belong to it. The latter is not only pleased about a cleaning and clearing out, but also about new flowers and plants. Even the computer could be immediately cleaned up: clean up the hard drive, archive data externally, delete unused software and also the keyboard cleaning are also part of the spring cleaning. When the first rays of sunshine arrive, the car needs summer tires again - the opportunity to free the trunk of the winter paraphernalia, to put a cleaning aid for the summer insects on the windshield in the windscreen washer tank and also to subject the car to a complete wash. And once you're there - even in the garage you'll find old things that have long been mucked out!

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