The Waterbed: Sleep as on Cloud 7

The Waterbed: Sleep as on Cloud 7

The waterbed has long been considered a luxury - both in purchase and in operation. On the other hand, no one denied that these specially designed beds for burn victims adapt perfectly to the body shape, providing a soothing warmth and overall comfort. Over the years, waterbeds have always evolved. They are safer than ever, their operation is cheaper and their purchase costs less money for those interested. Who decides today for a waterbed, brings a piece of furniture in his bedroom, where he can sleep healthier.

The modern alternative to the classic mattress

Those who complained of back pain, which was previously recommended, on a hard mattress to sleep. Legend has it that hermits got well centuries ago - today the recommendation is very skeptical. Innumerable mattresses have been invented with ingenious systems of different materials that make man's third of his life more restful. But the question of which bed is the right one is what is more and more often called the waterbed.

The waterbed has become increasingly important since the 1970s. Teething problems were eliminated, the technology perfected and the price lowered - all without sacrificing quality. The growing popularity of waterbeds include the following features:

  • Comfortable lying comfort without pressure points
  • Optimal pressure relief
  • Total body support
  • Relaxing warmth
  • Clean mattress surface

The element water has an excellent wearing quality optimally adapted to every body. At the same time it supports the body in every situation in which it is located. Whether you are lying on your back, sleeping on your stomach or in a side position - the waterbed adapts to every situation.

The 10 most important advantages of water beds

Based on the information from we have in This section lists the top ten benefits of waterbeds:

  1. Healthy all around: The waterbed has countless medical and health benefits. It has been used for quite some time in medical facilities. Studies show that falling asleep faster on a waterbed makes you calmer and thus sleeps deeper.
  2. Allergies and Asthma: There are many causes of allergies in the bedroom. Typical mattresses are difficult to clean. Sooner or later, hair and dander accumulate here, which serve mites and bacteria as food. On the other hand, nothing can settle on the surface of a water mattress.
  3. Hygiene: Humans give off about one liter of liquid during their sleep. In common mattresses, this migrates to their interior. Modern water beds absorb the fluid and release it laterally.
  4. Rheumatism: Rheumatoid and arthritis patients will appreciate the unpressurized, even support and warmth of a waterbed. Even people who suffer from joint problems benefit from the ergonomically correct lying on a water mattress.
  5. Back pain and tension: The waterbed is able to support the back in the best possible way. It adapts to the body contours - the body does not have to adapt to the bed, as with conventional mattresses. These properties, combined with a low contact pressure, are a real treat for the back and joints, eliminating many ailments.
  6. Performance enhancement: Long periods of deep sleep promote regeneration of the body. Athletes can recover muscles faster at the same time.
  7. Stress: Relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen see a connection between restlessness, nervousness or increased tension in the muscles and mental disorders. The increased comfort of a water bed is the ideal basis for relaxation of the muscles. Sleep disorders: Early waking in the morning, frequent turning around, difficulty falling asleep, sweating or shivering - these are symptoms of a sleep disorder. Scientists have recognized that the comfortable temperature of a water bed and the hydraulic principle combat the symptoms.
  8. Pressure ulcers: Physical recovery, for example after an injury or surgery, shortens when sleeping in a waterbed as it promotes easy falling asleep and undisturbed deep sleep.
  9. FAQ : Questions and Answers about the Waterbed
  10. What are the Benefits of the Waterbed?

The water in this bed wears the body and keeps it in an optimal position for the same amount of time.

What is the difference between water beds?

The waterbed is basically available in two models: Softside and Hardside. The latter is the original waterbed. The vinyl mattress is held in place by a bed frame. The Softside, on the other hand, has been designed to fit the waterbed in every bedroom. A fixed foam frame secures the water cores.

What is the life of a waterbed?

The durability of the bed depends on the vinyl and its care. Most manufacturers report that they are around ten years old, even though many beds could be used for longer.

What is the warranty for waterbeds?

The warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. On average, it is about five years, others also provide a ten-year warranty. It typically covers manufacturing defects.

Can a waterbed burst and / or leak?

Under normal circumstances, this scenario should not occur. The water mattress is a pressureless system. Even when the filler neck is open, no water can escape when sitting on the mattress. Unlike the air mattress, the waterbed is not under pressure. So, if it happens that a hole is created, the water would escape slowly. And even in this case, the water would not leak into the room but into a safety tub.

What is the difference between the individual waterbed mattresses?

The difference is in the vinyl. Depending on which mattress covers, fleeces or foams are processed, there are different results. A mattress without fleece is swinging freely, with fleece, a complete calming of the water can be made possible. For large beds it is also possible to use two separate mattresses in one bed.

Do you have to change the water in the mattress?

No, unless you are moving. Then it is essential to drain the water in the mattress. Each waterbed is supplied with a conditioner, which reprocesses the water. The conditioner is used once or twice a year.

Are there any problems with weight and static?

Anyone who has celebrated a party with more than ten people in their home will certainly not have any thoughts about that Weight load of its soil. However, these people are heavier and have a higher punctual load than the typical waterbed, assuming it weighs about 800 kilograms. The pressure load of the waterbed is the same as that of three standing persons per square meter.

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