These plants are suitable for the mini-pond

These plants are suitable for the mini-pond

There are people who live near water visibly more comfortable. The reason for this is that water invigorates not only the garden, but also the spirit. It is not for nothing that more or less large ponds and streams are created in many gardens. But not everyone owns their own garden, but can only access a terrace or a balcony. Especially at such a location, a pond will probably remain a utopian dream. At least many believe so. Because with a mini pond, you can enjoy the natural gurgling of the water on your balcony, even if you do not have so much space.

Miniature pond - small idyll for pleasant hours

A mini pond offers the advantage that It can be created quickly and easily. Also in terms of care, the effort is visibly limited, as well as the change of water. Unfortunately, the mini pond on the balcony also has certain disadvantages. For example, he can not regenerate by himself, and aquatic animals will probably not settle here either. Especially in winter, the mini pond is also properly added, as the water will naturally freeze very quickly. In addition, not all aquatic plants that feel comfortable in a large garden pond are automatically suitable for the mini pond. Especially with the latter, various factors play a major role, such as

  • Size
  • Depth
  • Location

Not all aquatic plants are suitable for use in a mini pond. Miniteich and plants should always be aligned.

You should look out for the plants for your mini pond.

When it comes to plants in a pond, most people inevitably think of water lily, the most typical one of all aquatic plants. But just because a water lily, or any other aquatic plant, looks beautiful in a large pond does not mean that it is also suitable for a mini pond. Especially water lilies need a lot of space in a pond, so a certain size is also very important for a mini pond. But also the depth plays an essential role in the choice of suitable aquatic plants. Finally, some aquatic plants thrive in shallow water very well, while others require a minimum depth of 50 or more centimeters. Although it does not depend on a few centimeters, at least you should at least try to meet the demands of the plant at least somewhat.

Pond plants are divided into different categories. For example, there are

  • bank plants
  • peat plants
  • underwater plants
  • floating plants
  • floating leaf plants

The water lily, for example, belongs to the group of floating leaf plants. These require a solid rooting at the bottom of the pond, while flowers and leaves float on the water surface. Underwater plants, on the other hand, are also rooted at the bottom, but leaves and flowers usually form on the water surface during flowering. However, floating plants do not take root, but they need sufficient space downwards to allow their roots to spread neatly in the water.

For example,

  • dwarf cattail
  • frog spoon
  • marsh sword lily are suitable as marginal plants for a mini pond
  • real watercress
  • marsh dew lily

Among the floating plants, which by the way are also very good water cleaners, are among others

  • water lens
  • water hyacinth
  • frog bite

But the water lily is of course the undefeated queen below The water plants.

The water lily

Water lily is not the same as water lily, there are around 50 different species worldwide. The water lily owes its name above all to its incredibly beautiful appearance. But the water lily is actually not that easy to handle. After all, she usually does not like it at all when the water is in full swing. If you want to use the water lily so in your mini pond, which is generally not a problem, then you should any requests to accommodate even a fountain in Miniteich, but better discard again. By the way, the water lily is a great shade donor. This ensures a balanced water climate.

Not every water lily is suitable for use in a mini pond. But there are also varieties that can stay very small and even survive an icy winter.

When it comes to water lilies you should always pay attention to how big it gets. Normally, this aquatic plant takes enormous dimensions and would be absolutely nothing for a mini pond. However, there are also correspondingly small miniature roses, which are also very suitable for miniature oak. Therefore, make sure when buying exactly what kind you choose. Incidentally, this also applies to wintering. Although many water lilies, including dwarf sea lilies, are hardy. However, this is not true in every way.


A pond brings a lot of harmony and calm to everyday life, but not everyone has enough space for a large garden pond. With a mini pond you can also create a water source on a balcony or terrace. But not every plant is suitable for a mini pond.

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