Tile stickers add new shine to old tiles

Tile stickers add new shine to old tiles

Tiles have a long life. However, over time, this advantage can also be detrimental: fashion changes over the years, so it is not surprising that you no longer like the design or pattern of your tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. In such cases, stickers for tiles are a great invention. Similar to a wall tattoo tile stickers are simply glued to the existing tiles. Because they are available in countless colors and with different designs, you can customize and beautify old walls with it. So you can create a fresh and modern look without much effort. Even tenants who live in an apartment with a bathroom, whose tiles have seen better times, are well advised with tile stickers. Find out everything you need to know about tile stickers in this Heimhelden.de guidebook.

Renew old tile mirrors with trendy tile stickers: Little effort, big effect

Special tile stickers are extremely durable and beautify the previous tile decor in an instant. If you do not like the color or the theme of your tiles, we can only recommend trendy tile stickers. But even borders in the living room, bedroom or children's room can be made with a self-adhesive tile film quite easily and at a great price. The stickers are available in all usual sizes for tiles. Therefore no cutting is required. Instead, stick the stickers to the wall in a manner similar to wall decals.

The motifs of tile stickers range from flowers to mosaics to landscapes. Particularly popular are stickers that have a border as a motif. There are even platforms on the Internet, where you can make your own tiles for the tiles with your own image or a graphic. But also monochrome tile stickers are offered. With tile stickers you can ensure that old tiles shine again in a completely new light and, for example, better match your furniture and the rest of the interior design.

Ideal solution for tenants

You live in an apartment or in a house for rent and in your kitchen or your bathroom are still old tiles laid? In such cases, unfortunately, your hands are tied, because many owners are not willing to replace the tiles completely and renew, just because they do not suit your taste. That's why you do not have much choice to make your look more attractive.

You can ask if you can paint the tiles in a different color. However, the landlord generally rejects such a refurbishment because it is a permanent and irreversible change.

For this reason, the best solution for tenants is to beautify tile patterns with tile stickers. Due to the high density of the stickers ugly patterns can be covered as well as cracks or cracks in the tiles. In addition, you have the freedom of design and can create great patterns and designs. If you should need to remove it later, it will be easy to remove the decals, revealing the original tile mirror.

Uses and Benefits of Tile Decals

There are many different tile decals, so the uses are almost limitless. For example, use white tile stickers if your bathroom is tiled in a dark color and you do not like the gloomy overall look. In addition, the stickers are perfect for selectively masking individual defective tiles.

All in all, the stickers have many advantages:

  • They hide unsightly patterns and designs from old tiles
  • The design options are almost limitless: conjure up great mosaics or make the walls with your own photo
  • Let cracking, scratches and cracks disappear
  • Tile stickers are much cheaper than a complete refurbishment with new tiles
  • The amount of work involved is also considerably less

Due to the versatility and numerous advantages, it is no wonder that more and more DIY enthusiasts like tile stickers.

Prices and sources

Die Prices for tile stickers depend heavily on the chosen manufacturer and the desired design. On average, the cost of a square meter is around 15 euros.

It is best to buy a set that contains several pieces of tile stickers, as this will save you money compared to the single purchase. We also recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for special offers. Especially with remaining stock one or other bargains can be achieved.

There are also very high-quality stickers with unusual decors, which are very price-intensive. The cheapest are the stickers on the Internet. There you will find many online shops that have tailored their offer especially for the embellishment of tiles. The selection of stickers online is also significantly larger than in the hardware store on site. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to browse the offers of your hardware stores and interior decorators, because there are sometimes great tile stickers available for a reasonable price.

Pay attention to the opacity

when buying tile stickers. Be sure to check the opacity respect, think highly of. In addition to fully opaque variants, there are also specimens that are light or completely transparent.

If you want to buy tile stickers to hide yellowed, cracked or cracked spots, you should definitely opt for a covering version. Otherwise, the damage can not be completely masked.

If you only want to cover parts of the stickers, they should be selected to match the color of the existing tiles. Light or fully transparent motifs, which show the old tile color, may also be used for the visual design.


Stickers for tiles are a good alternative to a renovation in the bathroom or in the kitchen when the old tiles are gone modern or already affected. In online shops, the selection of tile stickers is the largest and usually they are offered here the cheapest. Tile stickers are not only available in different colors, sizes and patterns, there are also differences in opacity, so you should pay particular attention to this aspect when buying.

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