Tiles as a floor covering in the living room

Tiles in the living room? Sounds wrong at first glance, after all, you can see the flooring usually only in the kitchen, in the bathroom or hallway. In recent years, a lot has changed in the field of flooring. Tiles have made their way into the living room - and they look really good.

Tiles have become a universal floor covering for the kitchen, bathroom and hallway, and can be used in any room. New are tiles in the living area, where they inspire with timeless beauty, attractive surfaces - which partly imitate natural materials such as wood - and easy care. In terms of format, the range extends from mosaic tiles to large formats that can be laid quickly and easily.

Designing the apartment barrier-free with tiles

We have often dealt with accessibility issues at heim-helden.de. Unfortunately, the topic continues to be misunderstood. Accessibility is not exclusively the design of an apartment with special designs. A barrier-free apartment is also visually appealing. This benefits people who are motor impaired and families with small children. In this article, we already informed about the barrier-free housing design for dementia patients. For example, these people can not properly recognize patterned floor coverings and mistakenly perceive them as a danger. A monochrome floor tile eliminates this problem. Tiles with a matt surface are particularly good as they do not reflect.

When designing the living room with floor tiles, clients should refrain from using thresholds and stairs. A thresholdless floor design is barrier-free and eliminates any problems that could arise in the future (keyword wheelchair). A waiver of thresholds and elaborate patterns is not a disadvantage. From an architectural point of view, the opposite is the case: designs made of one cast are particularly noble and timeless. Such a living room, if fitted with matching furniture, will look modern even in 50 years.

Developers who want to create barrier-free rooms should take a look at floor tiles in a natural stone look. According to the Federal Association of Ceramic Tiles, they are well suited for renovation work, as they are thin and result in a low installation height.

Tiles ideal for modern kitchens

More and more new apartments do without the separation of the living room and the kitchen. They are united to a modern kitchen. Modern tiles can emphasize the transition between the living and dining areas in such rooms. The continuous installation of the tiles literally makes the rooms grow together.

Homeowners have the opportunity to visually separate both areas with floor tiles. A popular option is to visually separate the cooking island with tiles of a different color or texture.

Make sure the kitchen area is easy to care for.

Keep other areas in mind when designing a living room

The monotonous color choice of floor tiles should not only be in the living room but in the whole living area. Tiles that have a similar look, connect different rooms together. This continuity can be continued into the garden, where the tiles of the terrace are similar to those in the living room. A uniform appearance underlines the extension of the living room with the help of the terrace or the balcony.

According to experts, the uniform look in the garden can begin and continue to the wellness oasis (bathroom). Modern tiles make such design scenarios easily possible. Outside there are robust outdoor tiles that are insensitive and easy to clean. For the living room high quality tiles have long been available, which make this room seem timeless and underline high quality furniture.

Formats and Laying Patterns

The color is not the only criterion that plays a role in the purchase of tiles in the living room. The numerous formats result in new installation and design possibilities. Large-format tiles are available in a square (60 × 60 cm) and various rectangular shapes (45 × 90-120 cm).

The oversized tiles are considered to be the best way to express high-quality furniture and accessories in living magazines , Even in small rooms, the large tiles make a good impression. They bring a certain amount of calmness and clarity into the room, which is particularly well expressed when the room is not overloaded with furniture and accessories.

Herringbone Patterns

The new tile shapes allow for original laying patterns. So far, for example, the herringbone pattern was reserved for the parquet. Today you can lay tiles in the living room area in this way - they do not even have to have the wood look.

Note the installation of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly important in German living spaces. Due to the radiant heat, underfloor heating increases the well-being in the entire living area. Practical is also the architectural freedom, which brings a floor heating with it. Builders can, for example, install floor-to-ceiling windows that bring more light and heat into the house, as there is no room left for radiators.

The use of underfloor heating must be planned in advance as certain flooring criteria must be met. According to the German Association of Surface Heating and Surface Cooling, almost every floor covering is suitable for installing underfloor heating, including ceramic tiles. A decisive factor is the thermal resistance of the tiles, which must be limited to R = 0.15 m 2 K / W.

Many home builders wanted to use their beloved parquet until now - because of the optics. This restriction no longer exists today, after all, wood-effect tiles are available.

Underfloor heating brings with it a limitation: carpets are a thing of the past. They insulate the floor and ensure that heat can not enter the room efficiently. But there are exceptions: carpets, which are suitable for underfloor heating. However, they are not ideal.


Tiles have evolved into a versatile product in recent years that is no longer reserved for the bathroom, kitchen or hallway. Now they are available in different shapes, sizes and designs, so they look good in the living room.

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