Tile Mirror Alternatives

Tile Mirror Alternatives

Tile mirrors have been used in the kitchen for many decades. They served as splash protection against liquids, sauce residues and grease. Meanwhile, however, the trend is clearly away from the classic tile mirror. Modern kitchen mirrors are made of glass, wood or metal and can set a visual highlight in the kitchen. We present the most popular alternatives to Tile Mirror.

The wooden kitchen mirror brings warmth and cosiness to your kitchen as an alternative

Wood is known to create a warm indoor climate. Therefore, such a kitchen mirror is particularly suitable for spacious home kitchens, where a pleasant atmosphere is important.

If you follow the country style in your kitchen, the wooden kitchen mirror is made for you.

The price for a wooden paneling depends on the type of wood. In any case, the surface must be treated with a high-quality paint, so that dirt and liquids can not harm the wood.

A metal kitchen mirror looks modern

A metal plate is suitable for modern and elegant kitchens. In particular, stainless steel is good.

A stainless steel kitchen mirror needs a lot of care, as drops of water and fingerprints quickly leave traces.

A niche cover made of stainless steel has the advantage that it only a few millimeters is thick. That's why the work surface is almost completely preserved.

Simple, yet practical: glass kitchen mirrors

Transparent or milky glass mirrors look simple. You can choose variants with eye-catching patterns or use the glass to protect a photo wallpaper. Then the rear wall made of glass is a real eye-catcher.

Laminates are the low-cost alternative to the tile mirror

Laminated boards are chipboard with a laminated layer of laminate. A high-pressure laminate is used for the surface. Here you have free choice in the design, because the plates are available in wood, mosaic, tile or imitation stone. In addition, single-color or colorful patterned variants are available. Laminated boards are very reasonably priced.

Mount modern kitchen mirrors yourself - how it works

If you want to mount a kitchen mirror made of wood, metal or glass, you can use one of the following three mounting systems:

  • Hang
  • Glue
  • Screws

For hanging mounting, special systems are available in which you can easily mount the panels made of glass, wood or stainless steel. For this you have to attach one rail to the worktop and another rail in the upper area. Then simply push the plates in.

The assembly is simply designed with transparent assembly adhesive. He is generously applied to the plate. Then place the kitchen mirror against the wall, align it and fix it. It usually takes 48 hours for the adhesive to cure.

Choose glue that is suitable for a humid, higher-temperature environment.

The last option is to screw the kitchen mirror tight. To do this, screw a square bar onto the worktop and another under the wall cabinets. Make sure that the screw heads are flush and seal all joints and holes with silicone, otherwise moisture could get behind the plate.


For a long time tile mirrors were standard in the kitchen to the work area to protect against grease, sauce and water splashes. Today there are many modern alternatives, such as glass, wood, stainless steel or laminates. This makes it possible to underline the desired interior design style even better in the kitchen.

Product Image: © jrferrermn / Bigstock.com