Tiles with wood look - Where are the pros and cons?

Tiles with wood look - Where are the pros and cons?

In the area of ​​floor coverings, wood-effect floors are becoming increasingly popular. Tiles with wood look fit with today's modern living style and bring the feeling of warmth and coziness in the home. They are ideal for use in living areas, such as bedrooms and living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Outside of the living area tiles with wood look can be used well, for example on the terrace or the balcony. The tiles can be combined virtually anywhere with the natural charisma of wood.


In our experience, one major benefit of wood-effect tiles is the excellent thermal conductivity , while wood has insulating properties and one thus losing energy and money. This means that the use of underfloor heating is by no means problematic. In summer, the tiles feel pleasantly cool underfoot. Also, the durability and durability of tiles is advantageous, unlike wood floors, tiles are not so easy to scratch and moisture or intense sunlight are no problem. Wood, on the other hand, can get distorted or it can lead to color changes.
In comparison to high-quality parquet or other wooden floors, tiles with wood look are very inexpensive and easy-care .


Tiles in wood look are a matter of taste and do not agree with everyone. In addition, they are harder than wooden floors, such as parquet or laminate. This may be more uncomfortable for your feet. Due to the material-specific properties of tiles, they are colder than a natural wooden floor in the ground state. In unfavorable cases, it can happen that the joints widen over the years.

The possible uses

Another criterion for wood-effect tiles is the wide variety of possible uses. In many different rooms, the natural-looking tiles can be used with the wood look, both indoors and outdoors. Other places where tiles with wood look are often used, for example, in the kitchen as a covering for a countertop or in the bathroom as wall tiles for the shower area. In general, the tiles in the bathroom are often used as flooring because they are much better suited for a wet environment than real wood. But they make for a deceptively real effect.


While tiles are valued primarily for their robustness and very good heat transfer properties , many people also want the look of wood. This can give a room both coziness and style. For people who do not want to miss this style at home or at work, the tiles with wood look best.

Tiles with wood look experience

For a professional laying of tiles, it is important that the floor is clean, straight and is absorbent. The old flooring should be removed if necessary. If this is also a tiled floor, it is advantageous to proceed with an electric stalking device. Thereafter, the floor surface should be thoroughly cleaned and a special primer applied to the primer. If the ground is uneven or has cracks, a mesh is laid on top. Then the floor is corrected with ground leveling compound. After the soil has dried sufficiently, the wood-look tiles are laid in a quarter-circle. It is important to pay attention to the wood grain of the tiles, so that the floor looks authentic later. The tiles are laid with normal tile adhesive. It should be worked as possible without or with very small joints, that the tiled floor is hardly distinguishable from a real wooden floor at the end. The joints will be closed with silicone . The tiles with wood look are, strictly speaking, not laid differently than other tiles. The only difference is that you work with as few joints as possible and pay attention to the pattern of the floor covering.

Ultimately, your personal taste determines whether you opt for wood optics in your tiles.

FAQ - The most common questions

How good are tiles in wood look?

Tiles in wood look hardly differ qualitatively from other models. They have the same good thermal conductivity and can be used in combination with underfloor heating. In summer, tiles are pleasantly cool and maintain their pleasant temperature. Longevity and durability are two of the other properties that this flooring is known for and appreciated for.

What do wood-effect tiles cost?

Quality is notoriously expensive - and wood-effect tiles are no different. A high double-digit amount must be scheduled for good tiles. The printing process, which gives the tiles their wood appearance, means higher production costs for the manufacturer.

What matches wood-effect tiles?

Wood-effect tiles are a fairly recent design trend. But that does not mean that there is no way to integrate them in the living space - quite the contrary. Thanks to their wood look, they give the room a homely character. The tiles fit almost every interior design style: country style, shabby chic, retro style, vintage / industrial.

How to lay wood effect tiles

There is almost no difference to laying traditional tiles. In the case of wood-effect tiles, however, special attention must be paid to the perfect execution of the work, because only then can they hardly be distinguished from real wood. Great attention should be given to the wood grain, so that the floor looks as authentic as possible.

How to make tiles in wood look?

Tiles in wood look, often called wood tiles, are not made of natural material, but merely resemble it. There are actually tiles made of wood, which are laid floating, but they are used in the garden. The variants for the interior are commercially available ceramic tiles.

Which joint color matches wood-effect tiles?

Wood-effect tiles should look like parquet. The only thing that could reveal their true identity is the joints - if you pick the wrong color. In certain situations, it may well be desirable to optically lift each tile. In this case, it is worthwhile to choose a silver gray joint color.

Is bathroom design with wood-effect tiles possible?

Due to the numerous patterns that today are made possible by digital printing technology, tiles are a perfect match for the joints Available in virtually every room. The bathroom is no exception. The bathroom has a more homely feel and a pleasant, inviting atmosphere.

Do wood-effect tiles fit into the living room?

Many people would like a real wood parquet in the living room, but can not afford it or want one Flooring, which has a lower care requirement. Tiles in wood look are a good candidate, because they only have to be wiped wet and they do not damage as fast as real wood. Of course, they fit very well in the living room due to the wood look.

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