Tips for Buying Kitchen Faucets

Tips for Buying Kitchen Faucets

The kitchen is widely used today, it is work area as whereabouts at the same time and is therefore heavily used. The risk of infection due to germs and bacteria is great, especially due to the changed usefulness of the room. Hygiene is the keyword, because only specially designed kitchen faucets and the proper care of these, ensure a clean working environment.

Below we give you tips on what you should consider when buying and selecting kitchen faucets.

The basics in terms of hygiene

Every day you come into contact with a variety of objects on which are germs and store bacteria that enter into the cycle of the kitchen. Even at first glance, clean faucets, which may be cleaned with a washing cloth used for all purposes, are a risk in the kitchen. This risk can only be minimized if an eye is placed on the properties when choosing the materials.

  • First and foremost, all water-bearing parts that can accelerate the pollution of this resource must therefore be made of high-quality and tested quality material , High-quality chrome is to be used here or to be set on brushed stainless steel, because these surfaces can be sealed very well with a special varnish. Please note that the latter has a high sensitivity to acidic cleaning agents - so a gentle cleaning agent must be used to maintain the surface to fit the fitting.
  • It is also important that all installations enable a large range of action. This is ensured by retractable hoses, but also by means of a swiveling spout with the 360 ​​degree radius.
  • High-quality models also have a special steel regulator integrated, which protects against calcification and thus makes the fitting durable. Likewise, you should be careful to pay attention to kitchen faucets with integrated reflux stop. The contaminated process water will not get back into the pipe in this way, so that contamination inside the hose is avoided.
  • Also interesting are models that can be equipped with removable dirt filters. This prevents the deposition of particles that could damage the interior and its function. In this way you ensure optimal protection, especially with regard to germs and bacteria from the pipes.

Shape and design

As already mentioned, kitchen fittings designed even in a special design can ensure sufficient protection and a high degree of hygiene. We therefore want to give you information and insights on which shape might be of interest to your kitchen.

  • For kitchens with a small sink, where space is scarce, we recommend a low-pressure fitting for open hot water heaters. This is chrome-plated and with a maximum height of 20 centimeters ideal for small sinks, but can be due to the up to 150 degrees pivotable spout, use for every conceivable workflow.
  • Also interesting are models with a device shut-off valve, up to a height of 30 centimeters are available. They usually have a high-quality, made of hydro-ceramic cartridge and are available with a set at 38 degrees Celsius scalding protection. Due to the slim design and the greater distance to the swivel spout, this kitchen mixer can be used in combination with high quality kitchen appliances.
  • For deep sinks that have a higher capacity and require a lot of space, a model with a closed lever can be advisable. It is simply mounted on the surface and has further, flexible connections. The model is very tall and curved, can be fully swiveled in 360 degrees and is characterized by an extra aerator.

The right choice should be made so that the material of the fitting can be introduced by matching the rest. Due to the characteristics of colored surfaces, which need to be cared for very often, brass or stainless steel, unlike chrome, can be the right choice.

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