Land Purchase Tips

Land Purchase Tips

Land purchase is becoming more and more interesting for investors, because the interest rates for investments remain low and the long-term security of investments in euros must be doubted. With the purchase of an attractive plot of land, however, one focuses on the security of real estate.

Tips on buying land in a good location

Real estate experts is clear: Lands only have long-term potential if their location is good. Therefore, a good infrastructure should be available near the desired property. After all, at some point you would like to cultivate the land and those who move in need shopping and transport infrastructure that make their living worth living. This consideration applies in the same way if you want to inhabit, rent or sell yourself on the house to be built on the property. But in addition to the consideration of the situation, there are some more tips for buying land, which should be considered.

The price of the land is a matter of negotiation

Often try to land sellers the impression that the price of the land is already fixed. But like all other objects, the price can be negotiated. In this context, it is important to get comprehensive information about the property. Often you then find factors that can be used as an argument for a low price. So there may be a difficult ground, which may later make it difficult to dig a cellar. Or in the vicinity of the property are depreciating factors, such as industrial settlements or polluted groundwater. Relevant for the pricing is also the planning of the municipality for the further development of the region. So you have to find out from the community about what needs to be planned or built in the long term around the property.

The appointment with a notary needs to be prepared in the long term and comprehensively

There are many good tips on buying land in connection with the appointment with the notary. It is not until the notary that the land purchase is made perfect, but you should inform yourself early on which contract details are determined by the notarized contract. Therefore, you should get a land register excerpt as quickly as possible and check every detail of the property. Here are then rights of way and other burdens that can be permanently connected to the property or that you can change the notarized contract. The contract should be sent to the notary long before the appointment, so that you have enough time to examine it and to develop questions that you can ask the notary. Unclear clauses of the sales contract must be declared by the notary no later than upon conclusion of the contract. All relevant elements of the land purchase (maps, drawings and plans) should also form part of the notarised purchase contract so that they can be used later when there is difficulty in implementing a construction project.

Payment and transfer of the property step by step

It is an important land purchase tip that payment and transfer of the property should be made progressively. After all, you want to avoid having to pay for the property, but certain settlement arrangements have not yet taken effect. For example, there could still be loads on the property that the seller can no longer pick up if he has already used the money paid elsewhere. On the safe side one is, if one pays only, after in the land register a so-called & quot; precautionary mark & ​​quot; was registered. Other conditions of the purchase contract can also be secured by the fact that the payment is initially stored in a separate account of the notary. He will not forward the payment until he has realized that the seller has complied with all land sales agreements.

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