Children's Room Design Tips

Children's Room Design Tips

The design of the nursery for little pirates or princesses is always a nice task for parents. Depending on the age of the child, the offspring can decide on their own how the future room should look like. In the following, parents will find some tips and suggestions for their little ones' fantasy oasis.

The children's room is a space where the little ones play, romp, build, paint, do handicrafts and, of course, sleep. Accordingly, unlike the living room, the room must be multifunctional and suitable for all purposes. Later, when the kids go to school, the kids in their room must also have space for their school supplies and homework.

Planning is everything.

Before parents start designing the room, they should first consider how it works Room should look like and what things they need. The following questions may help:

  1. How old is the child?
  2. Will more children sleep in the room?
  3. Does the child spend the whole day exclusively in the nursery?
  4. Is the child a boy or a girl? ?
  5. What kind of preferences does the child have?

Depending on the age, the offspring need different things in the nursery. Up to the age of three years:

  • changing table
  • soothing and attention-grabbing decorative elements
  • storage space for diapers and clothing

for 3-6 year old children:

  • plenty of storage space for toys
  • a loft bed with slide and playroom

From six to twelve years:

  • Desk for learning
  • a shelf for books

From the age of twelve:

  • the first computer
  • a music system
  • storage space for CDs, magazines and Co.

Wall Paint: A Taste Question

At this point we would like to say right away that the popular cliché with blue wall paint for boys and pink for girls does not have to be - this also applies to baby rooms , Parents can be far more creative and have colors and let off steam: A delicate yellow, green or purple suit equally well in children's rooms. The shades should be a bit more delicate and not too bright. However, the nursery should not become a circus tent. Ideally, each wall gets its own color. Optionally, the use of borders or wall tattoos is possible. Especially wall stickers bring a breath of fresh air into boring children's rooms and are also quite suitable for a renovation, when the children are older. At this point, we refer to our article, which deals with the theme of color design in the room and parents some helpful tips on color choice.

The purchase of furniture

Based on the aforementioned guidelines, the purchase of furniture for the nursery. It is important that they are robust and at no time a danger to the little ones - safety is always the top priority. Simply white furniture or natural wood furniture fits almost all wall colors and can be very well combined with various decorations, no matter what age group. Parents should be careful when purchasing that it is "growing furniture". are. They adapt to the age of the child and can thus be converted accordingly. So parents save money and do not have to buy new furniture after a few years.

Tidiness must be at a young age as well

If parents slip on small cars and the nursery looks like a bomb had hit, then things need to be cleaned up , Ideally, it does not even come that far. Modern furniture offers plenty of storage space for all the toys of the little ones, without having to lie around wildly in the room. Parents just have to teach their offspring, the Storage space to use . In addition to the practical furniture, open shelves are also recommended in which to store boxes and baskets.

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