Tips to increase productivity in your own office

Tips to increase productivity in your own office

The meaning of the Home Office is again and again disputed. While the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) claims in an article published in 2009 that the home office is nonsensical, studies and surveys show that it makes many people's work a lot easier. Nobody denies that the home office is not the ideal solution for everyone. For those who are comfortable in their home office, we've prepared some tips to boost productivity in the home office.

Analysis: Where can productivity be increased

Productivity tips ? always meant well. The problem is that they can not always be implemented. For this reason, we recommend all freelancers and all others who work from home to first analyze their individual situation. Where are positive changes possible and which ones make sense? Some are associated with costs, others can be realized without much effort.

Optimizations are basically possible at any point. Depending on how old or new the home office is, there are several possibilities for change. Very few people manage to organize their office from the outset to create a optimal work environment . A look into the office shows which things are not satisfactory. Freelancers should ask themselves which things bother them. A big table plant, a bad lighting or the old office chair? Furthermore, you should ask yourself, where you spend a lot of time and if you can reduce this. An old scanner or copier could waste valuable hours of work. The device can be placed near the table to shorten the way and to facilitate the operation. Even the purchase of a new device can simplify the workflow. So, think about how you can make the workspace meaningful.

Creating a Home Office Framework

The biggest problem that anyone working in a home office faces is privacy. The home office is ultimately an office and should be viewed by everyone, including family members, as such. Working hours must be respected and disturbances avoided so that maximum productivity can be achieved. Neighbors and friends have to signal these rules as well. If it hangs with the communication and the relatives call constantly, you turn off his phone when necessary. At some point, it will have learned the last.

Creating a schedule

Time is money - this is especially true for freelancers who work mostly on a project basis. A chaotic workplace would cost you money. So if you want to work productively, you should plan your workflow exactly. Freelancers are often under time pressure, but they should not be disturbed. It is important to sort tasks according to duration and difficulty. After a hard task, you should do something light and relax a bit. Regular breaks are also important, otherwise the concentration drops and the stress increases. How to make your break depends on the individual person. Some listen to music, others play a game, others play sports.

Personal Responsibility and Time Recording

Those who work in the home office must get used to the fact that they suddenly carry a large portion of their own responsibility . You have to constantly take care of your work environment, keep the workplace clean and, of course, do all the work. Anyone who works as an employee of a company from home has the additional task of recording his working time. There are two methods for this task: Classic

  1. : pen and paper are used to record working hours and breaks on a sheet of paper. Modern
  2. : working hours are recorded with software. The second case has several options:

An Excel spreadsheet

  • A local time tracking software
  • An on-line time tracking software
  • The Excel spreadsheet is clearly the simplest solution and is sufficient in most cases. For freelancers, however, we recommend solutions two and three, and for the following reason: Self-employed usually have to not only record the time, but also settle for their customers. With time tracking software, billing is done almost automatically, which saves time. Whether a software for the computer or an online variant is ultimately used, depends on the individual need. Both solutions have their pros and cons.

Motivation is everything


Art of Productivity Improvement is to be convinced of the importance of the job itself. Many people know that it is good to start something meaningful with their time. But they quickly forget how many advantages the home office offers for them. That's why it's important to keep your own goals in mind at the beginning of the working day: Why do I want to make money?

  • Do I have a nice house? Yes, but the loan has not been paid.
  • I've always wanted to visit Country XY. For that I have to save money.
  • These wishes, goals and tasks should be written down on a whiteboard, for example, so that you can let your creative thoughts run free.

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