Tips for a Small Living Room

If the living room is only relatively small, and possibly also provided with bevels, then creativity in setting up is hip. Only in such cases, in which one makes use of the specific characteristics of the space, does an appropriate device succeed. Here, colors and materials play an important role, because they decisively determine the living environment.

In this article, we give you the necessary tips and tricks to help you realize yourself in a small space.

Flexible furniture makes it possible

Furniture tends to take up most of the space, but at the same time it is indispensable for the use of the living room. Therefore, it is important to focus on flexible furniture and thereby accentuate the room layout - they are characterized by the fact that they are variable in size or use. Very recommendable are primarily sofa beds, especially the so-called bottom sleeper models. Here, the lying surface can be easily pulled out to serve guests as flexible sleeping in the absence of a guest room. These models are now available in modern shapes and colors, some in quite futuristic design - a matching sofa bed by, for example, one of the market leaders for innovative interior design ideas in German-speaking countries, can be easily selected based on several criteria.

Similarly, you should of course also on extendable living room tables set, which can be easily expanded if necessary. It is advisable to use models of solid pine wood with a varnished surface, which makes them extremely easy to care for. They give the room a natural climate and do not act as a foreign body, and they are as stable and robust as classic living room tables thanks to additional supports.

The basics of the living room furniture

Take a closer look at your existing living room equipment and make a note of it. which elements or properties you find disturbing. In many cases, the color has a large share of it, because it causes an enlargement or reduction of the already minimally usable space. It is important that you hold the lower two-thirds of the wall in light shades , which are then textured with a stronger color. Particularly recommended are pastel colors, which can be well combined and provide space, for example, for wall tattoos or storage options in the range of two meters in height.

  • Use small niches , ie wall slopes or corresponding corners, to bring them as storage space. This is achieved on the surface with small wicker baskets that can be stacked on top of each other or placed on a holder. If the wall slope is in the area of ​​the window, this should only be used to a maximum of 50 percent, so as not to be oversized.
  • To accommodate music systems, book collections or decorations and the like, you should buy flexible shelf cubes superior. These are available in almost every color variation, can be ideally coordinated and give your room the necessary accents. They can be placed practically next to the sofa to keep remote controls and the like at seat height, while keeping all major devices in privacy.
  • If you would like to receive several guests in your living room, it is worth looking at so-called nesting tables . They can be used in everyday life as Abstelltisch, supplemented if necessary with different colored, smaller models and offer a very beautiful ensemble with appropriate lighting conditions. If you are not needed, the smaller versions simply go under the main table.
  • Use ceiling lights or wall lights with LED base , which selectively illuminate different areas of the room. For example, by illuminating pictures or wall shelves with a different color intensity, but illuminating the rest of the room over a large area, you will structure the surface better and create order. Also interesting are the shelves or tables that are integrated with LEDs, which can now be designed entirely according to your choice due to the further development of the technology.

Artikelbild: © epstock / Shutterstock