Tips for a Successful Kitchen Party

In our modern society, anyone can have a successful party , even if you're not a party pro. What you need for a successful kitchen party, is planning, appropriate decoration and a lot of time for the preparations. The following tips will make your Kitchen Party a success.

The kitchen is without a doubt the best place to celebrate a party. The reason: here you can serve the guests very easily and with treats. In modern apartments with kitchens, the party is even better. On the one hand there is a lot of space, so that people do not step on their feet, on the other hand, the men bored by the chatter of women can enjoy the TV. But also in classic kitchens wonderful parties can be organized. The latest craze is "

Flying Dinner & ldquo; and & quot; Jumping Dinner & ldquo ;. The guests visit a new apartment for each party and dine in the home of their friends. Of course, it does not have to be so elaborate, initially it is enough to invite the friends into their own kitchen. Above all, one thing is important: Preparation. Menu: Planning & special requests

Those who celebrate in the kitchen should, of course, also offer some goodies. Elaborate five-course menus are absolutely inappropriate for this occasion. Anything that turns the kitchen into a battlefield after dining is not part of the kitchen party. The aim of the party is to keep the guests happy and offer them treats with as little effort as possible. Anyone who constantly has to clean and wash their plates only disturbs their guests and ultimately destroys the atmosphere. It makes sense to

Fingerfood and everything that can be eaten while standing. Sushi is also ideal for kitchen parties. While not all people are so clever with the chopsticks, if need be, they can just pick up the sushi. In terms of

menu , party planners should ask their friends if they're vegetarians there and whatever food they prefer. This makes finger food easier to put together and leaves nothing to be desired. As a finger food pretty much everything comes into question: meatballs, spring rolls, cheese skewers, sandwiches, bruschetta, canapés and much more. Be inspired by the numerous finger food recipes on the Internet. Decoration: Creating the mood for lighting

At least as important as the food is the atmosphere. To transform the kitchen into a party temple, a certain decoration is needed. The matching

decoration again depends on the style of the kitchen and the possible theme of the party. Ambient lights in the form of candles and tea lights also create an atmospheric atmosphere. These can be distributed on shelves, window sills and glasses. Fairy lights in glass vases are just as effective as tinted light bulbs. Let your creativity run wild! Party classics like

Balloons , lanterns and garlands should not be missing either. When decorating but you should not drive too colorful, a uniform color concept looks much more appealing. For example, choose balloons in black and lanterns in white - the beautiful contrast of this Black & White party will enchant the guests. Invitation: Say it early

Whoever wants to do so much work for a kitchen party, of course wants to that all guests come to the celebration. A spontaneous invitation of friends and acquaintances is not appropriate, as many of them could cancel. If you want to be on the safe side, invites the guests a month in advance. How the invitations are sent in turn depends on your own preferences: you can, for example, create an event on Facebook and invite all friends. If your friends are not on Facebook, there are of course still the classic methods: call by phone, e-mail, SMS or just a handwritten invitation.

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