Trend open kitchen - where are the pros and cons?

Trend open kitchen - where are the pros and cons?

In the past, you bought a Porsche to impress others. Today, there are many people who invest a lot of money in kitchens . A nice kitchen is part of today, if you often and like to receive guests. The trend is clearly more and more open kitchen. Living room and kitchen merge into a whole. But even in the middle or lower price segment, there are now also very beautiful, open kitchens. They are not only interesting for homeowners. Open kitchens can also make sense in small apartments.

In most modern kitchens, there is a counter or a kitchen island , which optically separates the cooking area from the living area . In addition, a cooking island, that you can cook in convivial round. But such open kitchens also have some disadvantages. For most people, odor in their homes is an abomination.

Today we would like to gather together the positive and negative arguments and analyze a little for whom kitchen typology is the right choice. So you can let the kitchen develop according to your needs at the next renovation. In the end it all depends on your own preferences and your own behavior in everyday life.

Open kitchen


Vitality : An open kitchen to the living room is very communicative. You do not have to stand alone and alone in the kitchen, but have your family or friends around you. Also guests can be served so easily. Overall, more people fit into the kitchen, for example, you can also celebrate kitchen parties . The kitchen becomes the communicative center of the apartment or house.

Room effect : An open-plan kitchen creates a great spatial effect. The kitchen itself is also more effective if you have a clear view of you. A small single kitchen is often cramped. This problem does not exist with an open kitchen.

More space : If the living room and kitchen are in one room, you also save traffic area (corridors) and wall space. So you have a total of more square meters available. That can quickly make up ten square meters more, so it's not insignificant.


Smell : With an open kitchen you have to be very careful to install a good ventilation system . However, even a good system can not always reliably handle all odors. So if you want to have an open kitchen, you may have to expect odor in the entire living room. If you like Indian or Asian cooking, you should think twice. If you can ventilate across the street and there is also a ventilation system above the stove, you can get it under control.

Order : Where wood is shaved, shavings also fall. If you cook a lot, you can hardly keep your kitchen totally clean and tidy. It is quite normal that during the passionate cooking even a little dirt arises. In an open kitchen you can not hide this. If you look from the living room to the kitchen, the disorder looks. So you have to clean all the time or you should not be bothered by a bit of mess.

How big should an open kitchen be?

Well, since you know the pros and cons of open kitchens, it's certainly easier Decide if this type of kitchen design is right for you. Nevertheless, you should also consider the question of whether enough space is available for the open kitchen in your decision. We advise you to plan at least 15 square meters of space for your open kitchen area. Of course, open kitchens are, of course, the more space available, the better.

For a freestanding kitchen island your open kitchen must be big enough

If you want a freestanding kitchen island, you should at least calculate at least 20 square meters. Such a freestanding cooking block is a very nice design element in open kitchens. It can be used visually and functionally as a room divider between kitchen and living area. A cooking island is ideal to house a stove or sink or to have an additional work surface to prepare meals. In addition, it is possible to use the side facing the living room as a counter. Put a few stools in front of it and serve your guests appetizers and drinks as you prepare your meal. So your freestanding kitchen island is a flowing transition from cooking to living area.

Unless you have enough space for a freestanding cooking island, you can choose a peninsula shaped solution instead. In this case, even 15 square meters are sufficient for the kitchen area, because the cooking block with one side directly adjacent to the work surface or on a wall. For smaller spaces, this solution is ideal because it saves so much space.

The kitchen layout determines how large the open kitchen must be.

In addition, the desired floor plan of your kitchen is also crucial for how much space you have Should plan your open dream kitchen. In principle, all five typical kitchen layouts are possible with open kitchens:

  • One-line variants
  • Two-line arrangements
  • L-shape
  • U-shape
  • G-shape

The difference to closed kitchens always exists in that at least one side of the kitchen is open towards the living space. If you decide on a two-line kitchen, you must plan a width of at least 2.40 meters. This ensures that you can still walk between the base units, even when the doors are open. A U-shape requires a width of at least 2.70 meters.

Optimize Workflows with the Right Arrangement

When planning a kitchen, it also depends on how you arrange your stove, sink and refrigerator. These kitchen components should be as close to each other as possible. Remember to plan sufficiently large storage and work surfaces to the left and right of the stove and sink. Ideally, your open kitchen has a contiguous work surface that is at least 1.20 meters wide. The space should be so large that you are in the design after the "magic triangle". can judge. This means that within this triangle are all utensils that are important for cooking, such as saucepans, pans, spoons and knives. If you consider this arrangement right from the start, you will save yourself a long way.

When is an open kitchen the right one for me?

Are you a communicative person and would you like to visit? Is the kitchen the center of family life for you? Do you like cooking? Then an open kitchen is just right for you. The situation is different if you do not like the smell of food in your living room. Even if you like to cook, but create chaos in the kitchen, perhaps you should consider a separate kitchen .

Where do you spend more time? In the kitchen or in the dining room or in the living room?

All in all, open kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, especially because the classic living room is losing more and more importance compared to the kitchen as the central living space. The TV, which once made the living room what it is today, is less often turned on. Families are back at the kitchen table, albeit with their laptops. So the open kitchen is a logical progression that moves with the times.

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