Trendmöbel Boxspringbett: These are the disadvantages

Boxspring beds are currently a real trend in German bedrooms. Hardly any other bed has such a cozy look as this model. Especially in luxury hotels Boxspring beds are often used, which is why frequent travelers often wish for such a bed at home. However, box spring beds not only have advantages, but also some disadvantages, so you should consider a few things when buying.

Box spring beds are particularly soft and springy

Box spring beds are also known as continental or upholstered beds. The term & quot; boxspring & quot; Originally from a US-American brand. The English term & quot; box & ldquo; stands for box, while & quot; spring & ldquo; the word for bedspring is. This is already well described what it is in a box spring bed: a box with bedsprings. This refers to the substructure of the bed type. It consists of a fixed frame and at least one layer of springs. The mattress is lying there.

There is usually a topper above the mattress. This mattress is only a few inches thick and very soft. It is not only intended to increase sleeping comfort but can also be used to create a complete reclining surface for double beds with two single mattresses.

A box spring bed is much softer overall than other bed types. Especially in the US and in Canada, it enjoys great popularity. But in Germany it is currently undergoing a veritable hype. More and more manufacturers jump on the train and construct appropriate models.

Not suitable for everyone

However, the box spring bed is not equally suitable for all sleepers. There are people who do not feel comfortable in such a bed because they are too soft, too warm or too high.

People who have chronic back problems should talk to their doctor before they buy, because of some discomfort The boxspring bed is completely unsuitable.

Stiftung Warentest recently tested a number of boxspring beds and found out that the great sleeping sensation that the sleeper felt shortly after the purchase usually dissipates over time. The strain, body heat and sweat form a chill after a few months, so that the sleeper almost feels as if he is lying in a hammock. The Stiftung Warentest came to this conclusion at least for a large part of the tested boxspring beds. Partly the mattresses were so soft even when new that the sleeper sinks very low.

No variable base

Many consumers have difficulty deciding between the normal bed with slatted frame and a modern box spring bed. You should be aware before buying that the feeling of sleep in a box spring bed is definitely a completely different than in your previous slatted bed. In addition, the base of the box spring bed is not variable. That is why it is not as easy to divide into several lying areas as the bed with slatted frame. With the latter, it is possible to choose different degrees of hardness for the shoulder and pelvic area, which is generally not possible with the box spring bed.

Box spring beds should be customizable

Of course, a box spring bed also has many advantages that justify the current boom :

  • The mattress rests on the box spring base, which means that the supporting force of the undercarriage is very high at all points.
  • The box spring bed offers a cozy look
  • Most people find the swinging lying feeling very pleasant
  • The mattress increases the lying surface of the box spring bed

Normal beds are 40 to 50 centimeters high, while the mattress base for box spring beds only starts at 50 centimeters. A height of up to 80 centimeters is possible with this type of bed. This not only benefits older people, as it makes it easier to get in and out.

If you decide on a box spring bed despite the disadvantages, you should choose a model that is easy to personalize.

Inexpensive box spring beds are often scarce customizable. Especially for heavy, tall, light and small people, they can be a problem. That's why it's better to invest more money and have your box spring bed assembled by a specialist and customized to your body shape and needs. Good providers for box spring beds have several suspensions, grades and types of mattresses on offer. A specialist will ask you various questions to determine your needs. For example, he or she will want to know your height and body weight and ask if you are prone to heavy sweating. These are points that are important to putting together a perfect box spring bed. If possible, you should also try it out. This is the best way to find out if you are comfortable in a bed or not.


In addition to many advantages, the box spring bed also has a few disadvantages. For some people, the standard implementation can be problematic. Therefore, the box spring bed should always be customizable.

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