Turning the bathroom into a wellness oasis with accessories

The days when the bath was only used fleetingly for urgent business and daily care are long gone. In the home environment, the expedient appearance of wet cells is passé. Instead, the bathroom is a room like any other - and this would like to be just as nicely decorated as the living room or the kitchen. The look of the WC, bathtub and washbasin continues to contribute significantly to the atmosphere, however, there are now numerous furnishing elements , which also provide a nice atmosphere.

Bathroom Accessories: Between Use and Luxury

Furnishings today have more than just the task of being practical. They also have to look good and fit into the overall look. Also in the bathroom are those accessories that not only bring some benefit, but also comfort. Bathroom Accessories provide space for the toothbrush, the soap or, why not, newspapers for reading. A handy soap dispenser allows the residents to never have to search for the soap. A toothbrush tumbler holder stows toothbrush, toothpaste and toothbrush tumbler in a safe place, without these utensils lying around unsightly in the room or attracting too many glances. Even a bath bin should not be left to quickly dispose of cosmetic waste .

Accessories for the toilet

In the purchase decision of bathroom accessories , functional aspects as well as optical aspects predominate. Unfortunately, for many people optics plays a greater role than the practical suitability of accessories. As original as the bathroom accessory may be, you should always make sure that it also offers a practical benefit. Even trivial things like a toilet brush must fit the toilet. If the toilet bowl is rectangular, a brush with a round brush head is unsuitable because the angles can not be reached. Modern toilet brushes now have a joint between the handle and the brush head: it even reaches the most stubborn soiling and saves on the use of detergents.

Another popular bath accessory is the toilet set , which consists of a paper holder and toilet brush , Both are visually coordinated and available for wall mounting. Some versions can be mounted without holes, which makes them suitable for uncomplicated renovation. Alternatively, you can grab the floor toilet set, which consists of a stand with paper holder and toilet brush. This accessory is ideal for large bathrooms, so you do not have to leave roomy corners too far.

Bath accessories for the washbasin

Accessories for the bathroom are available either individually or as a set. When designing the bathroom or doing a complete renovation, buying a set makes perfect sense to ensure a consistent design. Nevertheless, as beautiful as the set looks, the individual components must be useful and satisfy individual needs. Soap dispensers are available, for example, with a sensor - similar to the rooms of public institutions. Who does not need so much luxury, takes the alternative with a pumping mechanism. Make sure that the soap dispenser has rubber feet or is otherwise secured to prevent it from slipping when pumping.

Tip : Soap dispensers are also great for the shower. On the one hand, the dosage is targeted and you save shampoo, on the other hand, he is a real eye-catcher and more beautiful than the rather ugly plastic bottles of shower gel and Co.

If you do not use soap in liquid form, you can use the soap dish for soaps in solid form. There are different materials, colors, shapes and designs. Practical are trays with drip tray and drip tray . So the soap can not dry out or get too soft.

Keeping bathroom accessories tidy

For many people, order is a foreign word. Many are not necessarily messy people, they just make life difficult for themselves. Fortunately, the bathroom has practical accessories that not only look good, but also keep things organized. When undressing nobody wants to put the clothes on the towel holder or toilet lid. Matching storage and hanging options in the form of hooks, brackets and bars are important in every bathroom. But beware: When buying the suspension and storage options, pay attention to how they are attached. Drilling is not possible in every bathroom. Alternative attachment techniques are suction cups, they leave no marks and can be removed if necessary.

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