TV in the kitchen

TV in the kitchen

The living room is usually the center of attention House or apartment and thus the place where the family stays most and spends most of the day. Therefore, it is also natural and perfectly normal that you have a TV in the living room. Many people, on the other hand, resist the idea of ​​having a TV in the bedroom, even though they often stay there in the evening. Still, many do not want to have a TV there. Even more rare is a TV in the kitchen, although the kitchen is a space in which you usually spend a little more time and it would sometimes be convenient if you had a TV there.

A worthwhile purchase for a kitchen

Especially for a kitchen, the purchase of a TV is worthwhile. Since a kitchen is a slightly larger space and is not only used for cooking, but you eat there together and can also spend the rest of the day there, the purchase of a television makes sense. Depending on the space you can indeed choose the size of the TV and buy a model that does not take away too much space. With a TV in the kitchen, you can then, for example, while watching the news follow the news or watch a series or a movie in the evening, otherwise you would miss, because you have not finished eating. But during the day you can of course watch TV, if you are in the kitchen. So you can pass the boredom. Practically, the TV is especially synonymous if another family member uses the TV in the living room and you want to see something else. Of course, if you have the advantage of having a kitchen-diner in which you can also stay comfortable during the day, you should also have a TV there.

There are also suitable TVs for small kitchens

Of course you do not necessarily need one large kitchen, so you can treat yourself to a TV there. Of course, you can set up a TV in your kitchen, which is smaller and only used for cooking. There are extra TVs that are not too big and at most the size of a normal computer monitor. These televisions do not need much space and, because of their small footprint, can easily find a place on the wall where they can be hung, which is easily possible with almost any TV today. The mounts for this are usually already included in the delivery, but can also be purchased at a low price later. With such a small TV you can also watch TV while cooking, if it takes a little longer or if you have a roast in the oven and are afraid to forget it when you are not in the kitchen.

The right installation

If you want to watch TV in the kitchen, you also have to think about the connections you need. For the TV you need, of course, first of all electricity, so you should first think about where to put the TV s.besten. For the reception, it is necessary if you have satellite or cable television at home, that you put the connecting cable in the kitchen. So before you buy a TV for the kitchen, you should check if this is even possible.

The alternative is the reception via DVB-T. About DVB-T you can receive most programs wireless, so you save the laying of the cable through the kitchen. But you should first inform yourself, whether at its location at all DVB-T receives. If this is the case, you can buy a TV, which has a built-in DVB-T tuner, so you can receive the programs wirelessly directly from the TV. If the TV does not have such a tuner, you can also buy a separate DVB-T antenna. This is cheap to have and does not take up much space since it is no bigger than a ballpoint pen. With this little investment, you save a lot of effort and you do not have to lay any cables so that you can watch TV in a relaxed atmosphere.

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