Taking Advantage of Garage Space

Taking Advantage of Garage Space

The garage used to be considered a necessary evil regularly spoiled the settlements and driveways, they are now discovered as a flexible and versatile design element. Not only in terms of the construction and arrangement of garages themselves has something done, also the variety of materials offers an integration in front gardens. Since it is understandable that not only the car here finds a shelter, but the garage also takes over functions of the classic garden house. We are talking about storage space and storage space, both for everyday as well as high-quality things, which are much better protected against access by third parties.

The possibilities of effectively using and arranging garages are explained in the following article.

Use from the start

Due to the coordinated production processes, which have led to high efficiency increases, especially in prefabricated buildings, newly built garages now pay off much faster. Under certain circumstances, the construction of a garden house is mandatory, which automatically eliminates the cost of maintenance, care and security. In addition, there are advantages in the form of area savings, which are made possible in the area of ​​the front garden primarily by sectional doors. This ensures flexible use of space, which can be implemented in the form of system cabinets or shelves.

  • Calculate how much space is left in a parked vehicle and decide which position represents the best parking position. For garages with a larger width, it may make sense to create storage space on the left and right instead of having more space available.
  • It is important that such cabinets can be opened and closed with a sliding door. Here, in particular, the purchase of classic three-section, which can be flexibly set apart or interconnected. For tools, a system based on folding door cabinets has proved to be practical, as it directly accesses the entire contents of the cabinet.

Using the ceiling

Even though garages today typically take on a larger scale than before, they can open up conventional ways do not accommodate all devices and elements. A classic problem are bicycles, which find their place either in the basement, garden shed or just the garage. In this segment, two types of bicycle racks have emerged, one mounted on the frame and the other on unassembled racks. The latter versions are ideal for garages, as they allow both ceiling and wall brackets and also provide a freestanding stand.

Recommended are so-called ceiling lifts, which allow easy hooking, hoisting and securing. Work is done here with a smooth-running cable and a fuse that can not be used alone for wintering or normal parking, but also stable and robust enough for repairs. The retaining hooks are covered with a high-quality plastic, so that the natural pressure is reduced. Another form, this time mounted on the wall, makes sense for garages used on one side. Here the bike is safely and stably placed in rails, with holders and rail ends are fully rubberized. When the wheel is in use, the frame holder can be easily folded. Another big advantage is that some models are adjustable in height and are also compatible with Y-frames.

Aids small and compact stowage

Another problem arises with garden hoses, lawnmowers and such equipment. They either have to be easily accessible or safely stowed when it comes to electrical appliances such as lawnmowers. The retailer offers a variety of different hooks and other brackets, which are designed for a large part of the garden tools. It is important that you use the wall surfaces intelligently and creates transitions. For this purpose, both sides are drawn and the equipment is sketched out in size, whereby hoses and small parts can also be introduced with certain winding holders and showcases.

If a garage is accessible via a separate door, modular plug-in systems fulfill their purpose , They are mostly made of sturdy aluminum, have a high load and above all enable a secure stowage of utensils and tools. If tires or cordless tools are to be accommodated, it is worth looking at so-called heavy duty racks. Once you have identified the most suitable position, ie the most accessible position, these designs must be anchored firmly and robustly using dowels and screws. Note, however, that a certain minimum height is maintained for such installations, as a new car may otherwise require an adjustment.

Practical Implementation Made Easy

  • If you want to store small parts and other equipment flexibly, a hanging shelf can be the ideal basis for Stowage pose. This problem is solved primarily by the introduction of system rails, which are optionally mounted on the left or right of the ceiling. Here, distributed over the entire length, storage boxes of different sizes can be latched or removed. The whole thing also offers the possibility to create a new order in the storage by means of colors or patterns.
  • If it is a garage with massive walls, this can be used as a basis for a second level. Here it must be clarified whether an expansion would be technically possible. The second level acts as a kind of storage, with access via a wall-mounted ladder or from outside the garage.

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