Vinegar: the universal weapon from the kitchen cabinet

Vinegar: the universal weapon from the kitchen cabinet

Vinegar has been a favorite for decades Medium from the kitchen cabinet, which can be used both in the house and in the garden. It is rich, eco-friendly and effective, because it can fight dirt, let faded shine again and free the drain. We explain how and what you can use the universal weapon vinegar in your home.

Vinegar is a true all-rounder

The strong forces of vinegar already knew the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Persians. They put dishes in vinegar, made their drinking water last longer and used the natural acid for numerous cleaning jobs. This is not different today, because the all-rounder vinegar is still used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the garage and in the garden. As a cleaning agent, vinegar is virtually unbeatable, but even in cosmetics it is often used as an ingredient. You can use vinegar to remove grease from the tiles and cooker, remove limescale on the sink and even de-rust old tools.

Vinegar, vinegar essence or vinegar - what should be used?

In addition to conventional vinegar, you can find vinegar essence in the trade and vinegar cleaner. For cleaning, all three variants are basically equally good. Only the dosage is different. In addition, the drug cleanser from the drugstore often contains other ingredients for a particularly clean cleansing.

Although each vinegar is derived from acetic acid, there are two types: First, there is chemically produced acetic acid, which is only & quot; vinegar essence & quot; may be mentioned. On the other hand, there are organically produced vinegar. Only he may be offered as such in the trade.

Both vinegar and vinegar essence should be used only diluted for cleaning.

Possible uses in the household

With normal vinegar for cleaning you make a good choice. It is inexpensive to find in any supermarket and environmentally friendly. It is diluted with water and can then be used almost anywhere in the household for cleaning:

  • Clean windows without streaks
  • Remove mold stains
  • Polish chrome
  • De-rust tool
  • Kill germs
  • Free drainage
  • Removing Limescale
  • Descilling Kettle and Other Water Heaters

There are a few surfaces where vinegar should be used wisely. This applies to natural stone floors, because here he could dissolve the minerals and the lime. So, dilute it generously with water before using it on such objects.

Make it easier to work by placing the vinegar in an empty spray bottle. So you can apply the all-rounder particularly well on the surfaces to be cleaned.

If the pungent vinegar smell bothers you, you can simply add orange or lemon peel to the all-purpose cleaner. They neutralize the smell. Alternatively, the odorless citric acid instead of vinegar can be used.

Care should be taken with joints and gaskets

However, gaskets and silicone joints should not be cleaned with vinegar.

Vinegar could attack the plasticizers contained in the sealant, causing them to seep loses elasticity.

Conclusion: Vinegar is and remains a miracle weapon in the household

The all-rounder vinegar is indispensable in many households. It dissolves rust, lime, grease and dirt from many surfaces and even has an antiseptic effect. Accordingly, it can kill bacteria and make your home shine in a cheap and environmentally friendly way.


Vinegar is a veritable miracle weapon in the home and garden. It is equally suitable for removing dirt, limescale and rust. Before cleaning it is diluted with water to protect delicate surfaces.

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