Washing Cashmere

Washing Cashmere

Cashmere is one of the trends that has been a staple of the runway for years. It is a very popular material for clothing of all kinds. In particular, sweaters and jackets are often made of this material. The stars from all over the world make it by completing their styling with cashmere clothing. You want to imitate these looks and have even some cashmere sweaters in your closet? Then you should pay attention to the proper care, so that the fine items of cashmere clothing stay beautiful and cuddly for a long time. Because just like silk cashmere wool belongs to the care intensive fabrics. With our tips and tricks, you will still enjoy your soft wool sweater for a long time!

Do not wash too often

We recommend that you do not over-clean cashmere garments. There is a rule of thumb that says:

Only after every fourth use should clothes made of cashmere be washed.

Unless your favorite sweater has become dirty, simply hang it in the fresh air overnight to air it out can. So the garment feels soft and fresh again. The fibers of the wool can straighten up by venting, making the sweater nice and fluffy.

When you buy new cashmere clothing, it does not have the characteristic soft downy fluff typical of any of its products Material is. It only forms when the garment is worn for the first time.

How to clean your cashmere clothing

If you want to clean your cashmere clothing, you have two options in principle. You can either wash or hand wash the sweaters in the washing machine.

Machine Wash Tips

How to Clean Your Cashmere Fashion on the Machine:

  1. Do not over-garment Cashmere in the drum. There should be a maximum of four parts!
  2. Do not turn the clothes to the left.
  3. Program the washing machine on the wool wash cycle. The temperature should be no more than 30 degrees, otherwise the sensitive material may even be absorbed.
  4. Use a liquid detergent to clean it to prevent the formation of nodules.
  5. The detergent must not contain any bleach at all.
  6. Do not use fabric softener.
  7. Spin speed should not exceed 600 to save material.

Damage to clothing can be prevented by placing the garment in a pillowcase or laundry bag

Cold wash is not recommended for cashmere clothing. The debris can not come loose in cold water, so your cashmere sweater will not get properly clean.

If you follow these tips, your cashmere clothing should look new after you clean it.

Hand wash cashmere clothing - this is how it works

In principle, it is also possible to clean and maintain the cashmere clothing only by hand. Be very careful not to damage the fibers. Always turn up the water so hot that it feels comfortable on your skin. The soaking of the garments is not recommended even with stubborn stains. On the contrary, the wool swells with moisture, so it is best to never leave the sweater in the water for too long.

Instead, you can remove the stains by gently rubbing them in with a mild shampoo. Alternatively, you can also use liquid detergent. Rinse the garment thoroughly after cleaning without wringing it out. Immerse it several times in warm water and squeeze it lightly. Cashmere knitwear is extremely delicate, so you should refrain from rubbing your clothes together. That's how small knots are formed quickly. In addition, the sweaters often do not regain their original shape after such a procedure.

After washing

The drying of cashmere clothing is also not as easy as with other materials. Place the still damp pieces on a towel and then carefully pull them into the correct shape. Then, hang the clothes in the fresh air to dry.

Do not use a dryer to dry or hang the garments over the heater or in direct sunlight. Otherwise, the delicate material could be damaged!

Alternatively, the sweaters can also be dried lying down.

Ironing Cashmere - Yes or No?

Many cashmere lovers wonder if it is necessary to iron their clothes. The answer to that is actually clear: No, cashmere clothing does not usually need to be ironed. However, if you find yourself having to iron your clothes after cleaning, you must never do this in the traditional way. Instead, use a steam iron and set it to the lowest temperature. Then gently and without pressure over the creases to smooth the garment. Ironing should only be done if it is unavoidable.

Cashmere and the formation of nodules

After prolonged use, your favorite sweater will form nodules in stressed areas. This pilling effect will not be completely avoided even with high-quality cashmere products. Do not remove these nodules with a razor or a pair of scissors, but carefully pluck them out with your hand. Alternatively you can use a special wool comb to comb out the knots.

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