Washing machine does not drain - What to do?

Washing machine does not drain - What to do?

When pumping out does not work properly, there are many different causes. Not always immediately a repair by a professional service technician is necessary, because many small mistakes you can easily repair yourself. In our today's guide, we'll tell you what problems can occur if the washing machine stops pumping and how to fix the problem.

Washing machine

  • maybe. Fluff filter
  • hire. Drain hose
  • Pipe cleaners
  • detergent
  • hire. Drain pump
  • hire. V-Belts
  • Exclude Obscure Causes

First, you must troubleshoot. In doing so, you work best from the obvious sources of error to the more complex causes. First of all, it is important to exclude all common causes of problems:

Check if the washing machine is switched on. Does the display light up and the indicator lights come on?

  1. Press the on / off switch again and wait for something to change.
  2. Make sure that the connection cable is properly connected. Is the power plug actually plugged into the socket? Is the cable damaged or torn at one point?
  3. Plug another device into the wall outlet to find out if the outlet is working.
  4. Now take a look inside the fuse box and activate the fuse, if it has burst out.
  5. Only if all these failures are out of the question will you need to continue troubleshooting.

Clogged Lint Filter

In most cases, washing machines will no longer pump because the water drain is clogged. This happens, for example, with a coin washed or a torn off button. However, items of laundry may also slip between the drum and the tub, obstructing the drain and clogging up.

Therefore, first look at the lint filter and check for any particles that may interfere with its operation could disturb the washing machine. In this case, clean the lint filter to solve the problem.

It is generally recommended to clean the sieve once a month. This will prevent it from getting clogged and causing more serious errors.

The lint filter is located behind a flap in the lower part of almost all models on the front. Sometimes it is also attached to the side. The lint filter sits between the drum and the pump. Remove any lint and debris by gently opening the screw cap and flap. If your washing machine has stopped during the washing process and you now want to check the lint filter, please bear in mind that by opening the screw cap immediately the water of the drum will leak. Ideally, keep a bowl ready for collection. Then you can remove the strainer and clean it under hot water. If the machine still does not drain after reinstalling the cleaned screen, troubleshooting must continue.

Drain hose blocked

The drain hose may also be the cause of the fault. In particular, he is often to blame for the evil when the washing machine must work without vibration damper or it was not properly placed. During the spin cycle, the machine then starts walking, causing hoses to bend. Therefore, listen carefully: Is the sound of the pump audible, but the machine is not pumping? Then it's time to check the washer hoses.

Eliminate all existing kinks by gently moving. If there are no kinks, unscrew the drain hose and check for blockage. As soon as you have loosened the hose from the hose clamp, test whether water is flowing through the hose when pumping. Place a bucket under the hose to catch the water.

It is best to clean a clogged drain hose using the following instructions:

Immerse it in a water bath for one day.

  1. Add the solution
  2. If persistent stains remain, use a pipe cleaner.
  3. When using a pipe cleaner, avoid skin contact since it is corrosive and aggressive.

Rinse afterwards through the hose again. He should now be free of all dirt and allow a trouble-free water flow. Now connect the drain hose to the washing machine again.

Defective drain pump

If neither the clogged lint filter nor the drain hose were to blame for the machine not pumping out any more, the drain pump may be a defect in the drain pump. In this case, you may notice a rattling noise while the machine is trying to pump. Then, unfortunately, you have no choice but to repair or replace the drain pump. If you have sound expertise in the field of electronics, you can do the repair yourself. Otherwise, it may be better to contact a service technician.

V-belt torn

Occasionally a torn V-belt will be responsible if the water is no longer pumped out of the drum. He is responsible for transmitting the power of the engine to the drum. That's the only way to turn.

As with the car, the V-belt is also a wearing part in the washing machine and can therefore tear if necessary. It does not matter if you have a washing machine from Bosch, Miele or Siemens or a no-name model.

Often the V-belt expands or just sits too loosely and thus paralyzes the whole washing machine so that the Water is no longer pumped out. Unfortunately, only the replacement of the V-belt will help. Again, craftsmanship and the appropriate expertise is necessary. In case of doubt, leave the repair to a specialist.

Errors in the electronics

If you have really tried all the above mentioned tips and still could not find the fault, it is best to contact the service team. Most likely, then there is a mistake in electronics, which should be resolved only by the experts. Better save experiments and tests so that the damage does not increase in the end.


If a washing machine breaks the ghost in the middle of the washing program and does not pump off the water, then of course this is a particularly annoying situation , As a rule, you do not have to despair nor call the manufacturer's service team immediately, because many of the errors that trigger this problem are fairly easy to find and can be corrected yourself. This applies, for example, when only the power supply is interrupted or the lint filter is clogged. Even a blocked drain hose can cause the water is no longer pumped out of the drum. In addition, a defect of the drain pump, a broken V-belt and errors in the electronics of the washing machine are other causes in question.

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