Waterbed: Why it Matters to the Body

Waterbed: Why it Matters to the Body

Waterbeding is being circled by various opinions, including a series of prejudices. Some experts consider it the only way to start well and rested the next day. However, a waterbed provider believes that every bed needs to be adapted to the consumer's body.

Individual Beds for Individual People

Human sleep is a matter of course for us, yet little is known about its function. The fact is that we overslept a third of our lives, as this book demonstrates. Without the daily portion of sleep we feel limp and lack motivation. But sleep alone is not enough to start the new day rested. Experts know sleep must also be restful.

Restful sleep is only possible if the bed supports us. The reality is different: Worn mattresses, partners in different weight classes and different sleeping habits. They make it difficult to buy a bed and make it virtually impossible to buy this product without much thought. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the problem: According to Aqua Comfort's CEO, Daniel Blattgerste, a restful sleep is only possible if the waterbed is optimally adapted to the body of the consumer. To ensure this, the customer's body is measured. The company has recognized what should already be common knowledge: every person is different. There is not the perfect bed in which every person can sleep well.

Why testing is not enough with a waterbed

The classic tip when buying a bed: Sample lying. Easier said than done, because in bed you are usually a little over seven hours. No vendor in the world will allow his customers to spend a night in a bed. Therefore, the test lying, which only takes a few minutes, is not an indication of a bed that suits the consumer.

To solve the problem without consumers having to spend their nights in strange beds, a special body measurement system has been developed. VAXO is a patented method that determines what the ideal waterbed should look like for everyone. The abbreviation stands for:


  • ariable A
  • matching a water bed to a X
  • arbitrary body for a O
  • prime position More as 3,000 individual measurements confirm the success of the method. According to VAXO, the following information is needed to fit a waterbed to a human:


  1. : In addition to classic factors such as height and weight, VAXO differentiates between different body shapes. Some people have broad shoulders or a wide pelvis. Others are overweight or slim. These different characteristics result in different body shapes that have to be taken into account when building a bed. Sleeping position
  2. : Every person has different positions in which they can fall asleep. Be it on the back, on the side or on the stomach - the sleeping position affects the human spine. If the substrate is unsuitable, damage will be caused in the long term. Calming
  3. : The calming of a water bed influences the support force, pressure distribution and the physiological solder. All three properties have to be considered considering the sleeping position and the human physique. Fill
  4. : There are many rules of thumb for the fill quantity. They usually only consider the body weight of humans. This information is not sufficient. To determine the appropriate capacity, data on the physique and sleeping position are also required. Why Not Every Waterbed Is Equal

As diverse as their people are and their requirements are, so are waterbeds. Unfortunately, the trade designates all products with the upper grip waterbed. This is available in many different versions. The first products available on the market were hardside waterbeds. With these products, the entire lying area is filled up to the bed frame with water. Although the support surface is large, it is also problematic to get out of bed.

This characteristic is problematic for older people, who have problems getting up anyway. That's why they have the Softside bed. Compared to the hardside version, it has a foam frame that makes getting out of the car easier.

In addition to the two main variants, there are other types:

Masterpiece Waterbeds

  • : They combine the features of hard and soft-siding. Isolit Water Beds
  • : An energy saving option because it has a breathable, heat-reflective all-round insulation. Level Waterbeds
  • : Suitable for couples of different weights as they have a balance tank. Lightweight Waterbeds
  • : A lightweight construction with low water level. Can be placed on mattresses or a slatted frame. Height-adjustable water beds
  • : Head and foot sections are flexible and allow upright sitting position or leg tilt. The VAXO method described above can be used to determine which above models for the interested one comes into question and how the waterbed should look exactly.

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