What are the Living Trends 2015?

What are the Living Trends 2015?

Creativity can be given free rein in one's own four walls. And yet, setting up the apartment is more complex than it seems at first glance. Colors and shapes can harmonize with each other or one. sometimes wanted to provide contrast. The decisive factor is ultimately the personal feel-good factor. The text below summarizes the most exciting and creative living trends of 2015.

Naturally Housing

Furniture and home furnishings are still on the rise and will continue to be a trend next year. For example, rattan imitations are exchanged for real wood furniture and signs of wear are regarded as an expression of individuality. The focus is on the abandonment of artificially produced replacement components and sustainable extraction of raw materials. Wood and stone are combined with a variety of plants, creating an impressive natural environment. The use of felt, fur and leather - both processed in furniture pieces and decorative - ensures even more closeness to nature.

Country style

Country style

Country or cottages style furnishings continue to be modern. Furniture with lacquered or stained surfaces brings nature and regionality home. Your own four walls become a sanctuary that excludes the hustle and bustle of everyday life and provides for contemplative moments. At the center are natural wood furniture or natural home accessories made of woven materials. Cozyness sprays wicker chairs or loungers, which serve as a balance for the stressful outside world. Cosiness is provided by cotton and linen, which are used as curtains or as blankets on quiet evenings on the sofa. Nostalgic cabinets are filled with porcelain accessories or are home to flea or antique market finds.

Vintage Style

Matching the nature-loving country house style, vintage furniture is becoming ever more popular. Also in 2015, old pieces of furniture will be transformed into polished residential highlights. Individuality is particularly important because no vintage furniture is the same. Through the use of old timbers, each piece of furniture tells its own story and thus sets unique accents in the living environment. Even fabric remnants find reuse as pillowcases or tablecloths. Even the production of retro furniture is part of the expression of individual living, as every move gives the final product a personal touch. Handicraft will thus become the living trend of 2015.

Venetian Romanticism

Venetian Style

Next year, romance will invade the living room. Wall colors in delicate pink shades mix with gray highlights, creating the basic color framework for stylish interior design. Matching pieces of furniture are decorated in Venetian style and stand out for their soft curves and beautiful decorations. Particularly important are velvet accents, which give the rooms a soft appearance. The romantic style is rounded off with striking highlights that elicit a touch of luxury from the living spaces.

Dreams in White and Blue

The colors of blue and white dominate the next year. Rather classic, white walls provide a suitable background for eye-catching pieces of furniture. Sterile walls demand creative interior design ideas in the form of color accents or exciting design ideas. In particular, light games continue to gain in importance and so LED strips and color spotlights will continue to provide modern lighting effects in the future.

In 2015, when it comes to colorful in the home four walls, blue tones provide a change in 2015. Whether structured or as a smooth high-gloss surface is left to personal preferences. Colored elements in royal blue create a stylish elegance and make the living room a & quot; Blue Salon & ldquo ;. Sky blue backgrounds give the rooms space and connect the interior with the natural blue of the sky. The imagination knows no bounds when it comes to color choice.

Charming Industry

Generous spatial dimensions have in recent years, in particular loft apartments in industrial style gained in popularity. This trend continues. Gray wall paints offer simple, but by no means sterile, surfaces to properly stage furniture and home accessories. Clear forms and a rather purist style are the core elements of industrial living. Brilliant color accents provide variety for the eye and are often found in the central pieces of furniture. High-quality collector's items made of wood and metal complement the home decor and are at the same time an expression of taste and elegance.

Free Combination

2015 will be the year of your own ideas. If fixed styles are not convincing enough, creativity and the courage to combine will help. Thus, romantically curved pieces of furniture blend with purist accessories of the & quot; Industrial Style & ldquo; or modern blues with country house furniture and vintage stools. Living environments get personality and is allowed to like what. Especially beautiful are also unique pieces standing in the room that present a story. Bangs are on the other hand undesirable and in 2015 a real break in style. Instead, attention attracts lovingly selected individual furniture, which may also be more expensive to buy. Also popular are functional furniture, such as extendable tables or combinable shelving systems, which can be individually adapted to the spatial conditions.

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