How much does an architect cost?

How much does an architect cost?

Many people are afraid of the architectural costs , if you are planning a home, and are therefore increasingly choosing prefabricated houses or houses from the property developer. The fact that an architect's house does not have to be more expensive at all is something few people know.

Architects in Germany are subject to the so-called & 980; Fee Regulations for Architects and Engineers , in short: HOAI. This set of rules specifies exactly what and what amount the architect may charge.

Although the HOAI leaves a certain amount of room for maneuver, so that there are certainly more expensive and cheaper architects, however, there is not much room for maneuver big. Anyone who deals with the services to be provided in advance and understands how the architect settles them is relatively safe from surprises.

How much does an architect cost?

The architect's achievements are divided into nine so-called & quot; performance phases & ldquo; divided. Not every client will have to use all phases of service. One should look carefully which of these phases are commissioned and do not make the mistake of instructing all phases right at the beginning. If this is done, it will be difficult for the architect to give notice in case of problems.

The first four phases of the work are divided into a first consultation, a preliminary design, a more detailed design, and the preparation and application for the building permit. It is quite sufficient to commission the architect at the beginning until the building permit is obtained.

Following this are the phases in which the construction site plans (work planning) are prepared, as well as the preparation and participation in the awarding construction services. Of course, if there is no award and you want to work with well-known companies or do a lot yourself, then these phases can not or only partially be calculated by the architect.

The last two phases are Site Supervision and Aftercare Completion of the house). Again, you should check to what extent the architect is involved. However, it is strongly recommended to place the Construction Surveillance in the hands of the architect.

If your architect is more of a creative type and has little experience on site, then you can do the same for another architect or construction experts.

The cooperation with the architect is especially necessary when obtaining the building permit . However, no architect would like to sign the plans that he did not draw himself.

Now again to the fee structure:

The architect will calculate the expected construction costs at the beginning of the cooperation. Initially, this is more of an estimate than a fixed sum, but this is more and more concretized beyond the construction process and therefore more accurate.

On the basis of this sum, and depending on the type of house (eg residential building), the architect looks in one charge table . In this table, there is a & quot; from & to & quot; value within which your overall fee should be moving. This will roughly amount to approximately 10% of the construction cost, but may also be slightly higher or lower. (Total fee means: The fee that he is allowed to settle if he is in charge of all phases.)

Each performance phase is assigned a certain percentage. For example, the share of the total fee for service phase 4 (planning permission) is 6 percent.

Here is a calculation example (for the rare case that an architect only accepts the building permit and the rest is not processed by him):

Creditable Construction costs : 200,000 Total fee (coarse): 20,000 Service phase 4 (building permit): 6% x 20,000 = 1,200 In this case, the architect can charge about 1,200 euros (net).

On the Internet, there are fee calculator, with the help of which you can calculate the sum a little more accurate. Of course, there are a few other factors that affect the final amount. However, the costs can be roughly estimated in this way.

In 2013, the currently valid version of the HOAI was published. The HOAI is binding for all planning services in the construction industry. Deviations are permitted only in extremely rare exceptional cases and must be discussed with the Chamber of Architects.

The liability of the HOAI results from a law (law governing engineering and architectural services) and thus the HOAI also has approximately legal character. As a result, architects can not charge usury prizes, but in return they can also sue for the fixed fees . Therefore, builders should hire the architect step by step and not at the same time for all phases (for example, first performance phase 1-4, and then further phases).

All in all, it is wise to know the HOAI a bit. All in all, there is no need to worry about the architect's costs getting out of hand unless there are constant requests for change during the planning process or other problems that were not foreseeable.

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