What is the cost of a brick garage?

What is the cost of a brick garage?

Although the supply of Prefabricated garages is now very high, many homeowners still opt for a massive brick garage. It is characterized by a solid and individual construction and can also be easily adapted to the facade of the house. Regardless of whether it's a simple single garage or a wide double garage for several vehicles: whether to build the garage yourself or hire a specialist firm has a major impact on the overall cost of the project.

Planning the construction - that's what matters

You're probably wondering, how much does a garage cost or how much does a double garage cost? In principle, it is difficult to sum up the costs of a brick garage. This depends on their size as well as the type of construction and of course on whether you build it yourself or not. If you build the garage yourself, this is almost always cheaper, as you can save a lot of money on the preliminary work, the roofing and plastering.

Ideally, you choose the size of the garage so that you later a larger or maybe even a second car in it. The standard measure in this country is 6 x 3 m, which indeed offers some freedom of movement, but only one-sided. The facilities also include a matching garage door, any windows and sometimes an additional door that leads to the garden or into the house - you have to decide for yourself. Who plans the garage as an immediate extension to the house, does a practical favor with a connecting door, but this must be fireproof for fire safety reasons. A power and water connection as well as a heater can also be laid if desired.

When choosing the location of the garage, it should be noted that ideally it is located directly on the street or at least has direct access. For example, a ramp may not be too steep, so parking and parking in winter is safe. It is highly recommended here to design only two lanes at intervals of the two pairs of paving stones. Furthermore, a parking space in front of the garage should not be missing, so that the car can be easily unloaded or cleaned. By the way: washing the vehicle is only allowed if you have a sludge trap or an oil drain.
All these factors play a decisive role in the cost planning of the garage.

Building a brick garage - how tall are those Costs for it?

If you want to build a massive garage, you have to take care of a lot as a builder: Above all, a timely delivery of the necessary materials and tools is essential, furthermore you need some helpers. Complete kits made of aerated concrete or lightweight concrete are a good choice. It is also advisable to build the garage together with the house right at the beginning. Then you have all the important equipment on the spot and do everything at once.

It should never be forgotten that a construction in own contribution requires a lot of time and effort, moreover, it may be that the static is not as perfect as the Construction of a specialist company. Even if this may be more expensive: In the long term, you will enjoy more professionally built garage. If one walls the garage itself, then approximately 15,000 euros should be planned, with a specialized company the construction costs well 20,000 euros and more. The duration for the complete construction is about three to four weeks, in addition, a separate building permit of the local authority is required. Again, this can take some extra weeks, so you have to start early with the planning.

In the end, a garage is a costly investment, but it will definitely be worth it if you want some extra storage space or weather protection for your car, garden tools and other important items near the house.

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