What to do if the shower head just dribbles? Tips and Tricks

What to do if the shower head just dribbles? Tips and Tricks

It's no fun to take a shower when the water just splashing. Some women no longer have the opportunity to wash their hair with little water - the cleaning performance is lacking. What to do? There are several reasons why the shower head does not provide a strong jet of water.

  • Calcification
  • Flow limiter
  • Clogged tubing
  • tubing tubed

In most cases, water pressure increases with some tricks again, because here there are simple solutions.

Cause 1: Shower head is calcified

Calcification is the number one cause when the shower head is dribbling. In most cases, the nozzles are calcified - so clogged. Especially in areas where the water is particularly calcareous, this can happen frequently. Because the lime settles everywhere and the water can not flow unhindered.

In this case, it usually helps to descale the shower head. Drugstores here have various means on the shelf that help. Thus, the shower head can be removed and placed in a purchased descaling solution for several hours. But citric acid and vinegar also do good work.

It is important to rinse the shower head thoroughly before it is re-installed in the shower. Residues of the decalcifying acids can attack the enamel layer of the shower or bathtub.

Cause 2: Flow limiter in the shower head or hose

Is the shower head purchased new and can it not be calcified yet? Then check if a flow limiter is installed in the shower head. Some models even have a sliding hook to regulate this and to decide even about the amount of water. In other models it is firmly integrated and not adjustable. Then only the replacement of the shower head helps. Sometimes, however, the flow limiter can also be easily removed.

But such a flow limiter can also be installed in the hose. In some cases, it is directly at the outlet of the hot water tank or on the water heater. But also a throttle valve on the memory is conceivable. Also check here if you do not see anything in the shower head itself. Found? Then, if possible, adjust it until you reach the desired water pressure from the shower head.

Cause 3: Clogged tubing

If the shower head is just trickling, the cause may be in the tubing , Because not infrequently it is clogged or calcified. You can easily find this out by removing it and checking the water pressure directly from the tap. Then connect the hose without a shower head. Is it just trickling? Then something in the hose prevents the water from flowing strongly.

In most cases a hose can be cleaned. For descaling, it must also be soaked in a descaling solution. Lime deposits on the outer skin often dissolve in the grooves, so that the hose often looks like new again.

In some cases descaling of the hose and shower head does not help anymore. The wear will catch up with all parts. If these are too old, it is better to buy and connect new copies commercially.

Cause 4: Constricted Piping

The reason for a shower head that drips may be lower. Precisely in areas with hard water, limescale can build up in the pipes and narrow them down. The result is that less water ever comes out of the tap. You can easily check this by unscrewing the hose and opening the tap.

Do you suspect constricted pipes behind the problem? Then you should consult a specialist. Because piping is something for the installer and does not belong in the hands of laymen.


If the shower head just drips, the water pressure is impeded. This can be caused on the one hand by calcium deposits. But even a valve can prevent more water from rushing through the nozzles. With simple means, the cause can often be eliminated quickly. But sometimes only the new purchase helps.

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