What to do when burglars are in the house?

What to do when burglars are in the house?

Everyone is afraid of this scenario: We Scare at night, because we hear strange noises in the house. What at first feels like a bad dream, then quickly becomes certain: A burglar is in the house. But how should you behave in such a case?

The Confrontation Course is Not Recommended

The Criminal Investigation Department recommends that you behave in a passive manner rather than on a confrontational course. It is best to include yourself and your family in one bedroom and choose the 110. It may also be advisable to be aware of loud noises and turn on the light. Thus, the intruder notices that he is not alone in the house. Maybe he did not expect you to be home, and he's just looking for the space.

You should not stand in the way of the burglars. In the worst case, it could trigger a dangerous short-circuit reaction.

Do not let the burglar pull you and do not track him. Burglars are usually not unarmed. Although they often carry no firearms, but for other tools such as screwdrivers. These could be used as a stabbing weapon when the burglar is cornered.

Burglars in the House - Correct Behavior in Two Examples

The police recommend the following behaviors for the two most common burglary scenarios:

  1. Scenario: The burglar intrudes into the house while you sleep
    • If you have a cell phone at bedside, call the police immediately and call the 110th Police Station.
    • Lock yourself in a bedroom.
    • Turn on turn on the light.
    • Make noise.
    • Behave defensively.
    • Do not block the perpetrators from escaping.
  2. Scenario: They'll surprise the burglar when you get home.
    • Do
    • Leave the house and dial the number of the police.
    • Give the offender the chance to escape.
    • Behave defensively.
    • Do not try to attack or stop the offender .
    • Remember S If possible, the look, direction of escape or vehicle.

If you see only the traces of a burglary on your way home, you should also leave your home and dial the 110. This will protect yourself if the offender is still there and prevent important footprints from being destroyed.

Suspected neighbor break-in - Can the 110 be voted?

Attentive neighbors can provide good protection against burglars

If you find something strange in the house next door, do not hesitate to contact the police. Not always, this can prevent a break-in, but often observations help later in the investigation.

Basically, it is right to vote the 110 and not the number of the local police station. Calling the 110 ensures that the case is picked up immediately and the deployment starts immediately, according to urgency. In small police stations, however, it happens that the local extensions are not sufficiently filled. Therefore, if you are suspected, you are also advised to use 110.


Waking up and finding out that a burglar has gained access to the house is an absolute horror scenario for all of us. In case of emergency you should not go on a direct confrontation course or even try to attack the burglar, but rather wait in a safe place until the police arrives.

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