Which bed is the right one?

Which bed is the right one?

More than a third of his life is spent A person in bed, a restful sleep is essential to physical and mental health and performance - reason enough to think about choosing the right bed.
A bed is made up of a frame, a slatted frame and a mattress. So far so good. Each of these basic components should be individually tailored to your own needs, so that the best possible sleep experience is guaranteed.

The bed frame

For a single bed, most people find that the measurements are 90 x 200 cm or 100 x 200 cm, a double bed usually has the dimensions 180 x 200 cm. If enough space is available, you can also choose the super comfortable size 200 x 200 cm. 140 x 200 cm is an intermediate measure that is suitable for singles and promises great comfort for sole sleepers, but as a permanent solution it is only recommended for couples with a pronounced need for cuddling.
The height of the bedstead should also be considered do. Lately, so-called futons have come into fashion, especially flat frames that are around 30 cm high, they are more likely to be recommended for very young people. Anyone over the age of teenagers will probably get out of bed at a height of 40 - 50 cm more easily and kneeling. The so-called comfort height of over 50 cm makes bedtime and getting up very easy.

The slatted frame

The slatted frame is intended as a support for the mattress, while at the same time providing sufficient ventilation. The slatted base should always be matched to the size of the bed frame, double beds over 160 cm should always use two separate slatted frames. The price and ultimately the quality of a slatted frame is always determined by the woods used. The outer frame should be made of particularly hard wood, for example beech, solid wood frames are better than made of laminated wood. The slatted base should have rounded edges, they are pleasant to handle and protect the inner frame. The slats should be elastic and bend slightly upwards in the middle, but not so far that the sleeper is in danger of falling out of bed. Narrower strips are preferable to wider ones, the distance between them should be about 3 to 4 cm.

There are also great differences in the quality of the joints between the slats and the outer frame, the cheapest solution is made of slightly splintering plastic, longer life guarantees high-quality rubber fasteners .
Those who like to read or eat breakfast in bed should get a slatted frame that can be raised in the leg and head area.

The mattress

Anyone who saves on the mattress risks sleeping disorders and back problems. When choosing the material (not only) the personal taste plays a role. For people who sweat easily, a spring core or a pocket spring mattress is best suited, but unlike cold foam mattresses, they can not be used optimally on adjustable slatted frames. Latex mattresses are particularly vibration-damping, which some people find very pleasant. Viscous foam mattresses adapt to the body shape optimally and provide for increased blood circulation, the feeling of lying differs from the conventional mattresses, so that the prospect should definitely try out once.

A mattress should have a removable cover that can be cleaned can. Side handles facilitate handling. High-quality mattresses have two different sides, a summer side, where the upholstery is cooled by cooling materials such as e.g. Cotton is used, the winter side has warming properties through the use of sheep's wool.


A variant of the classic bed is the waterbed. Many people swear by it and praise the sleeping comfort. Another advantage, especially for allergy sufferers, is the hygiene - the cover can be removed and washed, the surface is simply wiped with a damp cloth.

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