Winter crickets: 5 tips for winter barbecue

Winter crickets: 5 tips for winter barbecue

Have a barbecue in the summer? Anyone can do that! Real barbecue fans do not shy away from the winter cold and pack even in icy temperatures meat and vegetables on the grill. A barbecue in the snowy garden can be an unforgettable winter highlight, where you can celebrate with your loved ones just as exuberantly as in summer. In spite of the winter cold, there are no obstacles to your barbecue pleasure with the following five tips!

Tip 1: Setting up a tent

If you want to celebrate a bigger event, such as a birthday party at a winter barbecue, you should book a large tent or a tent Set up a gazebo in your garden.

Decorate the tent with fairy lights to create an atmospheric atmosphere.

So your guests will not be so light despite the cold start to freeze and create a cozy ambience.

Tip # 2: Provide a Heat Source

When guests are cold, they lose their desire to party. Therefore, you should set up a heat source where your visitors can warm their hands or feet in between. The following heat sources are available:

  • Fire bowl
  • Fire basket
  • Heating mushroom
  • Radiant heater

Gas fired radiant heaters or mushrooms can usually be borrowed from the local fire brigade for a small fee. Just ask for it. It gets even more comfortable when you light a Swedish or campfire - for example in a fire bowl or in a fire basket. The grill can also be converted into another source of heat after preparing your food.

Tip # 3: Protecting food from the cold

A big problem with winter barbecues is that the food quickly cools when it is taken off the grill becomes. You can prevent this by serving vegetable skewers or sausages directly in a sliced, warm bread roll. It protects against wind and keeps the food warm longer. If food is served that can only be eaten on a plate, heat it up in the oven and distribute it on the table just before eating.

Tip # 4: Warm up with soups and hot drinks

Cold beer likes In the summer, be a must-have for grilling, in winter you should rather serve mulled wine, grog, tea or coffee. Of course, children are looking forward to hot chocolate. Also a good idea: Plan as a starter a fiery-spicy soup with a lot of chili. It warms up nicely from the inside!

Tip 5: Put on warm clothes

The best way to protect yourself from winter crickets is to dress warmly.

So that your guests can dress appropriately warm enough, you should already use them The invitation should indicate that the party is being held in the garden.

It is best to have a few caps, gloves, scarves and woolen socks in addition, if someone is not dressed warm enough. Also, kink-heat pillows are a great extra, with which your guests can warm their cold fingers after the meal.


Real barbecue fans can not be kept from frosty temperatures and snow even in the open air , There are a few ways in which hosts can prevent their guests from getting too cold during winter barbecues, such as pitching a tent or heating mushroom. In addition, hot drinks such as mulled wine, coffee, tea, grog or cocoa as well as hot, spicy soups warm up from the inside.

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