Working Productively: The Right Desk

Working Productively: The Right Desk

For the freelancer who works from home, there is nothing more important than having a perfectly furnished home office that allows him to be as productive as possible. Statistics show that many people do not care about organization and organization. Freelancers, however, know that disorder and chaos in their profession are absolutely devastating. For them, the desk is the central element of the home office. Tips for buying and choosing the right table will follow.

Finding the right position in the room

When setting up the home office, many people start by choosing a desk. This is a big mistake, they must first find a suitable parking space and choose the table suitable. According to the Association of the German Furniture Industry, the workplace should be set up so that the light falls at an angle from above. The light must not dazzle the eye, but at the same time it must not illuminate the workplace too weakly.

If you trust the rules of feng-shui, then you should look from the desk to the door. The table itself should be in the corner diagonally opposite the door. According to Feng-Shui, there is the most energy, which freelancers can work very productive. The table should be positioned so that the freelancer works with his back to the wall. If there is a window there, it can be covered with a bushy plant, a picture or similar.

Basic Desk Requirements

Each desk must meet some basic requirements, including:

  • Table top surface : Desks are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. If you spend the whole day in front of a monitor, the desired table should be at least twice as large as the screen. A large worktop is not wrong in virtually all cases, as you can never have enough space. On the other hand, if there is not enough, you have to make compromises - and productivity suffers.
  • Material : As different as the sizes of desks are, so different is the material from which they are made. Especially popular is wood: It has an attractive appearance and is financially acceptable. Another advantage is the easy care. As an alternative, there are desks made of glass, metal and plastic. Depending on how many things are stored on the desk, this should be particularly stable - metal is usually more stable from wood and Co.
  • shelves : So that pens, markers, files and other things bring no mess on the table , There should be numerous shelves where you can accommodate them. Even a printer pocket is an advantage if you do not want to leave it on your desk.

Setting up a workstation based on body size

Your own body size is crucial when looking for a suitable desk. Only those who adapt the table to his body, can sit upright and relaxed, thus preventing back pain and other problems. The data for the desk can be found in this table.

Height Desk height Armrest height Seat height Seat depth
150 62 22 41 38
155 64 23 42 38
160 66 23 43 38
165 68 24 44 39
170 70 25 46 40
175 72 25 47 41
180 74 26 49 41
185 76 27 50 41
190 78 28 51 41
195 80 29 53 41
200 82 30 54 41

A sensible investment for a home office in which several people work is an adjustable table. The desk is electrically height-adjustable and thus adapts to any body size. All you have to do is determine your own height, read the data in the table above and set the table accordingly.

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