Working Professionally with Tailor's Dummies in the Home Office

Tailoring is based on centuries of experience and fundamentals that are also used in times of modern ...

The tailor's craft is based on centuries of experience and fundamentals even in times of modern production types have not completely disappeared. In particular custom-made clothes or adjustments require precise work and can only be implemented to a limited extent on an industrial scale. Thanks to state subsidies and a broad demand, more and more people are becoming self-employed with home work. Here, it is inevitably important to be able to fall back on the right equipment and the right tool to meet the needs of customers.

We give you tips on equipping the office as a local tailor, focusing on tailor and mannequins as a working basis.

Focusing on customer requirements

  • If you operate a tailor-making business, you must first restrict yourself to one part in order to be able to work effectively and inexpensively. The classic equipment is mainly provided by tailor dolls and mannequins, which facilitate a series of work steps in different designs and promise correct results.
  • Tailoring mannequins made of PU foam, a permanently elastic soft foam, are the first choice due to their high elasticity and durability , They are available in male and female versions, sometimes as a children's version. In the standard version, they are offered with a wood rub with a neck knob, the cover can be changed and thus cleaned. The advantage of this material is that needles can be inserted into both the doll and the head without damaging the underlying surface structure. The height of the torso can be infinitely adjusted on the foot, and due to the modular design, work can also be carried out in a smaller space.

If you would like to present custom-made products to your customers in a suitable way, special mannequins should be used. They are usually made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, so a mixture of fiberglass and polyester, and are available in various skin tones. Suppliers such as offer a selection of almost completely demountable versions with realistic faces and shapes.

Access various torsos

The models, which are usually trimmed with a wood rubble, are also suitable for accommodating different torsos. In this way, depending on the nature of the order to be changed and the space for storage remains low. Choose from a variety of different chest, waist and hip sizes as well as different shoulder widths and torso heights. In addition, wig heads are offered, which are mostly available in unisex design and are made of sturdy plastic. With this accessory, you can also make clothes that are tailored to your needs far from customization.

Accessories for better structuring of the work

In addition to this important utensil, the choice of accessories is very important. In addition to zips, shoulder pads and fabric scissors, this is above all a good assortment of cutting scissors and a selection of different meter goods. Access the medium-sized tool cases here, which can be extended on several levels and flexibly separated. This is especially helpful if you also work on the move and make representations to customers with appropriate accessories. When selecting the sewing machine, it is important to focus on how much equity you have in each garment and if there are any cuts that should not be missing. If a copy with straight line and zigzag is sufficient at the beginning, depending on the division of labor, the lockstitch and buttonhole stitches are also important. It is also important to use a system with a programmable needle stop, which has the advantage that the material can be rotated better. He does not slip, avoiding tedious fixing.

It is also important that a free arm for working on sleeves or trousers is part of the functional scope of the sewing machine. Especially with frequent, small-scale work, this feature means a significant increase in efficiency and work accuracy. Depending on how you work yourself, the presser foot should also be adjusted or the needle position changed using a foot pedal.