Your child is getting big - the room has to grow with it

Your child is getting big - the room has to grow with it

Children grow incredibly fast - as a parent you are always surprised how big your little ones will be within a few years. Although parents are always happy to see offspring grow up quickly and find it interesting to watch their growth, this development is also a financial burden. Clothes can only be used for a few months before they have to be sold or given away. The furniture looks similar: While the claim of a toddler is relatively low, it looks different in the teenager: This needs space for his school supplies, a desk, books, CDs, computers and much more. Ideal would be a nursery that grows .

New Age - New Furniture

For parents, there was only one solution so far, if the nursery no longer fit the age of the child: sell everything and buy new. A big effort - especially for the wallet - but also a risky venture. Many parents can not afford this effort, then saved at the wrong end. Furniture from the discounter does not meet the highest quality standards : In part, unhealthy materials are used in production and whole forests are cut down for these furniture to be made.

Furniture does not have to be bought right away, there are a practical solution that will be " growing children's furniture & ldquo; is called. There are baby cots that can later be converted to a junior bed and even a desk if desired. The condition for the long-term preservation of the furniture is that they are of high quality. Solid wood furniture, for example, is particularly high quality, but also costs more accordingly. However, investing in furniture that grows with you is well worth the investment.

Children love colors, but do not make it too colorful

It's no secret that children are ecstatic at the sight of bright, colorful colors. Nevertheless, parents should refrain from turning the nursery into a circus tent. Simple, white or wood-colored furniture is soothing, and not too cluttered. Even when choosing the wallpaper, which should of course be free of pollutants, or the painting, Mom and Dad should choose delicate colors. Paint either only one wall or two walls in color to achieve a beautiful visual effect. The same applies to the carpet : a monochrome rug can also be used well in the youth room later on - do without motifs with cute little animals or the like.

Still, parents should not take all decisions themselves, after all, the kids will live in the room. The wishes of the little ones are not always feasible, so it is important to meet in the middle and make a compromise. You have to realize that for safety reasons the bed can not be as high as possible and a long slide in a small room is practically unrealizable. In addition, the loft bed for teenagers is simply not as attractive as it was in childhood. Children and teenagers alike will enjoy a classic bed.

5 Tips for Buying Children's Furniture

Parents should look for the following when buying new furniture for their offspring:

  • Before purchasing furniture, be sure to get a seal of quality , non-polluting products and furniture whose wood comes from sustainable forest management.
  • The table top of the desk should be tilted. This allows the child or adolescent to sit in the ideal position for each job. A relaxed and correct sitting position relieves the back. So the child can grow up healthy and enjoy life without back pain.
  • Desk and chair should be height adjustable and able to adapt to the growing child. In this way, parents can reduce the risk of back problems. The height of the chair and desk should be checked at least once a year.
  • Decisive for the writing chair is not only the height, but also an adjustable seat. When buying, look for the safety mark & ​​quot; Certified Security & ldquo; (GS). Such chairs can not tip over when children are tilting.
  • Take the kids to buy furniture and have the kids try on different desks and chairs until both parents and children are satisfied.

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