Youth room - the right wardrobe

Youth room - the right wardrobe

Modern teens have a private space where they can work undisturbed. In the youth room they read, listen to music, learn for school, do their homework and meet with their friends. A youth room only becomes a place of security if suitable furniture can be found there that is tailored to the needs of the young person. The basic amenities include a bed, a desk and a wardrobe. The latter is of particular importance. The modern youth has more and more varied garments than young people a few years ago. This fact alone illustrates the importance of the closet.

The Importance of Clothing in the Life of a Teenager

In order to clarify the meaning of clothing, it helps to address this issue over the years. Clothing has a few years ago its classic property to protect the body from external influences, extended to a further. Today clothes are used to make a statement. It is a means of expression of modern man to express one's preferences without having to use words.

The youth discovered fashion in the 1960s and 1970s and have been using it as a statement ever since. Teenagers feel the urge to have to settle externally from their parents. At that time, the mini skirt became popular. Today, even young boys are not afraid to dress smartly. Fashion is no longer a term reserved for the ladies.

Boys and girls: Different needs, different wardrobes

Exactly because fashion is no longer connected only to women, there is not the perfect wardrobe for all teenagers. Basically, you have to distinguish between a wardrobe for girls and one for boys. The garments for both genders are fundamentally different.

Girls may wear, among other things, the following garments:

  • Underwear
  • Skirts and Dresses
  • Trousers and Shorts
  • Blouses, Shirts and Tops
  • Sweaters , Jackets and Sweat Jackets
  • Jackets

The lads fill the closet with:

  • Underwear
  • Trousers, Shorts and Jeans
  • T-shirts and Shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Jackets <

. The biggest difference between the two sexes are the skirts and dresses of the girls. These must urgently be hung to maintain their shape after being ironed. If a girl owns and wears many clothes, the closet must have a generous clothes rail.

Even boys need a clothes rail if they're the type who often wears shirts. After they have been ironed, they should be hung so that they do not wrinkle.

The Dress Type Makes the Wardrobe

In addition to the basic differences between boys and girls, the type of garment is reflected in the choice of the appropriate wardrobe. We offer the following tips to parents:

  1. You rarely buy a wardrobe. So that everything fits in and has its place, you should plan your purchase exactly. How much storage space is needed? Which clothes are housed? Jean types have different needs to girls wearing skirts.
  2. Scratchy pullovers, ski underwear and whatever else is rarely needed should have a separate seat that will not disturb the rest of the laundry.
  3. A good wardrobe has small shelves. If one does not find one, one can divide large shelves with wooden boxes, baskets and fabric boxes.
  4. For underwear, the wardrobe should have drawers.
  5. Even a wardrobe can be fancy. LED lights make it a visual eye-catcher.
  6. Large wardrobes are handy as they accommodate the entire wardrobe. In some youth rooms, they seem too dominant and out of place. The wardrobe does not only have to match the clothes, but also the rest of the room.

Tip An alternative to the classic wardrobe is the walk-in wardrobe. If enough space is available, parents can build one for themselves.

Timeless designs last forever

Adolescents are known for their ever-changing tastes. Today they love the retro style, tomorrow they want something timeless. Parents should adjust to such changes themselves and plan: Is it perhaps more useful from the beginning to choose a timeless design, which still looks good not only today but also in eight years? Many years will pass before the adolescent leaves the year as a young adult. A timeless wardrobe, which also consists of high-quality materials, at best does not have to be replaced until the child leaves.

Timeless design basically dispenses with very eye-catching visual highlights and bright colors that a young adult would not like , These are usually simple products that seem to know no time for their visual simplicity. This helps them to be as modern as they were on the first day, even in a few years.

Choice of materials: High-quality and free of pollutants

In adolescence, young people for the first time have higher demands on their furniture. The wardrobe is no exception. In the next few years he will be part of the youth room and should look just as good as any other furniture. As far as materials are concerned, parents and adolescents should think carefully.

Probably the most popular material is wood: cheap versions are often made from pressed wood (chipboard). Since glues and adhesives, which emit pollutants such as formaldehyde, are often used in this production process, they are not very recommendable. Whether hinged door cabinet or sliding door wardrobe - solid wood furniture is the best choice in most situations. But these should also be tested for harmful substances, which is guaranteed by quality seals such as the Blue Angel, the Golden M and the GS mark.

Wardrobe type: revolving doors or sliding doors

Wardrobe is not the same as a wardrobe. This piece of furniture is available in two finishes - both have their own advantages.

  1. Hinge-door wardrobe : The hinged-door wardrobe is the most common in youth rooms. The cabinet doors are turned or opened towards the user.
  2. Sliding door cabinet : In this wardrobe the doors open (floating) to the side. It is suitable for youth rooms where there is not enough room for a door to open.

There is no difference between these wardrobes in terms of space. Only the door system is different. Also optically, the two variants differ only slightly. As a rule, there are no drawers in a sliding-door wardrobe.

Theoretically, there is also a third version, the walk-in wardrobe. This is not commercially available and must be built by yourself. Walk-in wardrobes are the norm in North America.


The closet, along with the bed and desk, is the main piece of furniture in a nursery. Parents should pay attention to what type their child is when buying. Furthermore, qualitative, environmentally friendly and pollution-free properties play a major role. The choice of a hinged or floating door wardrobe depends on the available space in the youth room.

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