Youth room suitable for boys

Youth room suitable for boys

The setting up of a youth room differs significantly from that of a growing baby. Now parents not only have to prove that they can set up a room themselves, but also involve their offspring in the project. Guys have their own ideas and wishes about what their future room should look like and what should be here.

The youth room is a space for learning, playing, retreat but also a place where the boy can meet his friends , While the adolescent lad has been doing just that - growing up - new jobs are now being planned for which this room needs to be properly equipped. The previous furniture is no longer suitable for a boy, Same applies to the decoration. A new facility will turn the nursery into a teenager's room.

The Needs of a Young Boy

Adolescents have reached an age when they begin to express certain benefits freely. Some are artistically talented and want to decorate their youth room with their own creations. Others are music fanatics and decorate their room with wall tattoos of their favorite band. Parents need to learn how to include their offspring in their youth room design, so that the adolescent can later feel comfortable here.

The nice thing about the furnishing of a room is that today a wide variety of furniture and decorative items are available. Parents can make sure that their boy lacks nothing, without having to restrict him in any way in terms of design. Whether it's a comfortable beanbag, a modern bunk bed, shapely hanging lamps or multifunctional tables - there are no limits to your choice.

Respect the boy's privacy

For the parents, it's logical: The youth room should be practical and easy to care for, after all, Mama is counting on it that she will tidy up here more often than her son. Unfortunately, many parents make the mistake of wanting to enforce their wishes on bending and breaking. They will most likely encounter the rebellion of their son, which will speak out more often in the coming years. Teenagers have reached an age when they want to break away from their parents in terms of style. The youth room is their personal space, where they want to decide for themselves which furniture and decorative items are suitable.

Although parents should respect these wishes, boys must also pay attention to the limits of their parents. Of course, this refers to the budget: this should be a basic prerequisite for harmonious cooperation. On the other hand, the flat screen TV including game console is no substitute for a decent bed. Certain furniture is part of the basic equipment and therefore has priority.

Taking full advantage of the available space

There are rooms that are big. Others are small. In both cases, the existing space must be meaningfully exploited. For small rooms, this task is a bit more difficult. Here space is in short supply and needs to be exploited not only fully but intelligently.

The aim of setting up a youth room is to provide the child with a place where they can comfortably live, sleep, rest and work concentrated and learn. For large rooms, the decor is rather simple, since space is not a problem. Nevertheless, the room should not be too empty and uncomfortable. For a small room, parents need practical and space-saving solutions. For example, a bunk bed with space for a desk would be an option. Also enough storage space for books, CDs and clothes must be provided to the boy.

If there are no existing solutions for a room, it may be worth ordering the furniture from a carpenter. Although these are more expensive than the mass-produced goods in the trade, but it fits perfectly to the youth room and their own ideas and desires.

Accessories: How guys can express their character

Accessories are products that make a room to what he is. Each boy will want to express his own character with specially selected accessories. These can be self-photographed pictures proudly displayed in picture frames, wall stickers of self-designed motifs, or the bike hung on the wall.

Multimedia: Variety and Entertainment for the Young

The setting up of a youth room is not all about Furniture and accessories. Boys of this age would like to be entertained. This refers primarily to multimedia products such as televisions, game consoles, computers and Co. Parents have to decide at this point if they even wish that their child will find these multimedia products in his room or if they remain reserved for the living room. In small youth rooms, there may not even be room for such products.

While many young people are quarreling about the meaning and nonsense of a television set, a music system should not be missing in any nursery room because music promotes the development of a child. What is not meant is that children become musical super talents. Music making, on the other hand, promotes their motor skills, creativity and dexterity.

Excluding pollutants by testing seals of approval

Furniture for the youth room must not only satisfy parents and young people in terms of quality and features. Adolescents are still growing and sensitive to pollutants that are unfortunately often found in furniture and other products.

The most important seals of approval include

The Golden M

  • : furniture with this label was made by the Germans Quality Association Furniture eV (DGM) tested. For the award of the quality seal criteria in terms of quality, safety and health-friendliness must be met. The Blue Angel
  • : A seal of quality, which demonstrates the environmentally friendly production. It is one of the oldest labels for services and products, which is designed for environmental protection. The Euroblume
  • : The Europe-wide valid eco-label, which confirms a low health impact and environmental compatibility. The European Commission is awarded the Euroblum, which was founded in 1992. The GS Mark
  • : Since its launch in 1977, the label has developed into a symbol of safety and quality that is recognized around the world. The basis and guidelines of the GS mark are the Product Safety Act (ProdSG). Summary

For boys, the design of the youth room is the first way to express their character. Parents have to work together with their boy and together create a space where he can feel completely comfortable in the next few years. Of course, parents can not give their son a free hand, because the selected products must meet certain standards in terms of safety, budget and pollutants.

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